Saturday, March 17, 2018

Time Lapse

Using time lapse for a photo shoot.
Time lapse is known for capturing star trails, squeezing a long period of time into a short clip and such things

I thought of another great application

If your camera does not have a built in timer (intervalometer)
You can buy one to work with your brand of camera. 

Here they are on Amazon 

I wanted to go to town but goofed off too long, so I did a little demo in the yard.
Delay  Long Intvl N Sound (music note) on this model.

Each field has these times to set
Hr Min Sec
00    00    00

*  Delay is how long you want the timer to wait till it starts taking pics
.. I set it at 15 secs to allow myself time to get in the frame
00 00 15

*  Long is ONLY for time exposures
.. 00 00 00

*  Intvl is how long you want it to wait between shots.
.. 00 00 20 This allowed me to move around to get in a different pose and try to get Kookie in position.

* N  number of shots
.. 11, I set the gadget to take 11 pics

* Sound off

I plugged it into my camera (forgot to adjust the settings but wanted to get it done)

I turned my camera to a 2 second timer (because on timer you get an audio warning and know it is ready to take a pic )

Every 20 seconds the meter would click the shutter which started the 2 sec timer.. just wanted that so I could hear when it was about to take a photo

Had a movie camera on a tripod that took a video of the camera with the timer on a tripod.. so you could get the idea.

In an actual photo shoot you might have a list of poses ready to get into for the next shot.
Pics bad.. had the camera set for a unique lighting but you can get the idea.

Each of these photos were taken automatically while the model (ugh me n Kookie) squirmed around.. but if you wanna do a photo shoot of yourself or with pals.. this is a super cool method.

IF you were using a timer on your camera you would have to keep going back and forth but with this setup, you just have to be in the frame with your chosen background and your photographer (time lapse camera) will take as many as you chose.. just letting others see the ones you like.

When people wanna do pics, I tell em go search google images for poses. If they captured poses they wanted on their phones they could look at the phones for a pose, after it was taken, scroll to the next pose and be ready for the next shot.. a lot easier than figuring a pose in a matter of seconds.. 

I am not into phone cameras but they do make time lapse apps for phone cameras, you would just have to put your phone on a tripod :)
I hoped to get some hams make the demo.. :)

If I can find some local 'models' to do a well planned demo.. well :)

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