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Memorials at Rising Park

A while back I joined the Lancaster Ohio High School Alumni that shares events, photos and the passing of classmates. Last year at graduation I thought of the little girl that would have graduated but for the accident.
Who would you like to share a memory of or how might you want to be remembered?

Through out the park there are many trees with people's names on them.
Benches and bricks with loved one's names on them.

Not just individuals or families but company names too.
Family memorials and company contributors.

Most people don't know what goes on at the park unless they read it in social media.
Much bigger than a bench, this giant piece of concrete was put here for mountain climbers to scale .. and no complaints :)
Dedicated park benches and such already exist through out the park.

If you wanted to plant a memorial tree or add a marker... bench.. the Friends of the Park does that HERE.

With all the markers at the park, if some future generation wanted to find one of their family members it would be tough.
I thought some group like the scouts might take on the project with gps and record names.
Names and locations to create a park docket of markers and create an internet file in alphabetical order. 

The park is peppered with memorial markers.. but words only.

Just names.. hmmm no I am thinking family members might be able to add a photo of their loved ones at play if they had one.
The thought that the names on markers be placed in a searchable page and it would lead to a page with pics of the person n maybe a little bio of em.
Belonging to a group here that post about obituaries I see lots of people I went to school with and one of them was buried at Forest Rose. I go there sometimes to take pics of Mt Pleasant from the high place and wondered if I had ever walked by his grave.
After people are lost on occasion they are mentioned for a bit, some things about them, but what might they want known about themselves? I suppose if they shared their thoughts while they were still kicking and their marker was placed in the park, others might share their legacy through photos n videos. 

One night I went to catch a sunset, I saw this paper with a rock holding it down.. thought it was a girlfriend note at first ... but

A few times I have seen people having services. On this night this family was releasing this balloon. Found out I went to high school with em.

Me thinking a memorial registry with links to pics to put a face on those being remembered.. hmmmm

On top people can sit on the rocks or stand up against the rail. I imagined this would be a nice place for a bench in memory of the little girl who fell . Of course it would need to be turned a bit for the sunset and the park board would need to approve it..  ... 
Below in the playground area, people place bricks with the names of loved ones as memorials.
Families contact "the friends of the park" and have bricks with the names of their loved ones placed here.

hmmm thinking if bricks with the names of lost pets were placed around the bench on top of Mt. P. , it would continue to expand.. maybe make a sidewalk to the path coming up :)
Of course similar type bricks, ground prep n names on bricks would be paid for in the memorial brick cost.

Those who love their fuzz balls, pay lots of money in memorials and such.
In this area on top, I would like to see a bench on this spot..

The library might have more pics I have heard there was a building where the pipe stands and saw this pic of a windmill.

My imagination never stopping I thought wonder if the park placed a sign there like at hocking hills or endless other parks.
I own the domain but they can have it or get one of their own.
That one link would open up endless web pages, how to get a great photo, history of the park, geology, a guest book where visitors could sign their names and add photos of their visits.

In high school, classes spend hours in drafting and art on things that will never become anything, but it might be fun for them to design what this marker would look like .
The pipe shouldn't be bare.
Instead of people bricks, people who loved their pups might donate a brick for their pups beginning at the pipe then creating a path above to avoid the mud when it rains.

In the years I have been coming up there have been a few big trees growing on the edge that fell over and now there are areas where they are hiding the view. I don't know what it is but there is an ever green bush on my property that does not get very high but is very tough .. don't know who would get out there to plant it 😕
I have seen a couple videos of rope training on Mt P.

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