Saturday, March 17, 2018


This is not a park gadget.

 I love photography and it is my own experiment with ideas to promote  Mount Pleasant and photo ideas. 😂 

If you would like to invite your pack to meet on 
Mt Pleasant  This page will let you share an invitation 

Using the wood slots below  the red arrow.
Pick the slot that your camera fits in
Turn the camera horizontally so the lens is out.
Line up your pals making room for yourself
Turn on the timer and jump in the shot



 If you take pics with this gadget or your own and want to share them on Instagram, use the tag #risingpark.

I see so many people trying to do pics with their pals sticking out their arms or sometimes putting their phones on the ground like THIS, so I was inspired to think of some gadget to hold phones .

To get the best photos with your gang, I figure is just ask another visitor there if they will take your pic together. Do 5, one will be better than all the rest.

Depending the day of the year, the sun can set to the extreme left or right. I created a map HERE that will put you in the ball park. 

I have managed to get Mount Pleasant on Google Maps.
There are so many Mount Pleasants when it is typed in.. ugh so I got them to list it as Mount Pleasant in Rising Park.

You can write your review on the map and post a couple of your best photos if you get froggy HERE. The bright orange line is where it vanishes.
* If it is hot or bright, bring sun glasses and something to blot the perspiration from faces 😋
*  As the sun goes down, point the camera away to that background and put your subject in it.
*  On the descent it will get dimmer and a darker color, that is when to put your subject in front of it and use flash.
After it goes down.. not dark there will be a colorful band of color. My favorite time to take people's pic and use fill in flash.

Locals come to Mt Pleasant a lot and I see many from a distances. They post their pics but are never there the same time as their pals.
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When to come, I would suggest the 3rd week end in June.

Previous tripod attempts.. 


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