Saturday, March 17, 2018

RP Book

My first thoughts here and below some responses.

Creating a Rising Park Photography book.
I thought the photography club might kick this ball around.

There are endless books on photography but this one would hone on settings and methods of taking pics of iconic places on our own turf.

Looking at pics people post, thinking oh they might have done this or that.. but if you tell em.. well.

I see they have exhibitions here and there but just wonder if you placed them in host location .. where the public would see them.
Restaurants, the library ... rotate them every so often with your info on them.

I saw a giant Mt. Pic at Meijer in Lancaster. If someone in your book creation group had the gov things, you might be able to display them in the grocery stores.. places where the public could buy them.

Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, The Bridges of Madison County .. how many thousand copies of these pics are sold. By selling a bunch the cost could be cut down...
The places on our turf are iconic to us, when we post them so many people love em.

You cold create a yearly calendar of events n places through out the season.

As for what the book would contain on photography .. not just photos but step by step how to create them.
How to organize a team to produce the book .. Those willing to contribute to it... hmmm

What do you think might be included ?
The material for the book could also be rendered into a youtube video .. and a web site. 


The cost of publishing
Any instruction information can be published to web pages.
Better color, endless video and photos  ... FREE

Banks, businesses organizations give calendars for Christmas presents. Those with contacts.. those who could figure the cost, could reach out to these places and inquire if they might have an interest.
Creating a sample on your printers ... showing them what it would look like.
Not only the 'regular calendar' but marked with the events that take place in Fairfield County during the year.
There are other groups like the chamber of commerce and visitfairfield county .. that promote business and visits. They might be interested in such a calendar ?

Joining any thing hmmm.
I do things when I feel ok. Sometimes I don't see anyone for days and when I take pics, I do not talk to anyone for more than a few minutes.
n I don't go anywhere and leave my pup at home.. she is a slobber monster too.

In a class alumni group, I see so many my age and much younger vanishing. I don't plan far ahead in the future. (for my age I am not in bad shape.)

It is not about the cost, I have and will spend $$$ on photography related stuff as long as I am still froggy.

If there are anyone who likes the idea and would create a group for the purpose of promoting photography and publishing tricks n their photos, I will donate the cost of a dedicated domain for a couple years.
Some one who has energy and manage the site... pass it on if it develops.
They can add others to manage the domain.

I use Google domains and tie them into Google blogs (FREE) . At this time it is less than $20 a year .

Having your organization published on Google maps and lots of great pics.
Google sends me reports on the number of times my photos are viewed... today
I hope to find a group to take on my domain in the future. I am no great writer... but to continue to promote Mount Pleasant and photography.
It is FREE to have groups, businesses published on Google.

Things the publication might include... seeing so many prom pictures where the couple could hardly be seen... a special time that only happens then and they go through all the trouble n expense...

Out at the park the other day I asked these pumpkins to let me create an example. No flash, then flash and methods of avoiding reflections.

A couple people in the book group could team up, get a couple to pose for them and create a page on the topic of taking pics under the gazebo, under shelters where the subjects are backlit.

A page = a blog page.

So many special events take place at this gazebo, I thought there might be a sign to one side.. Photo tips with a link to your examples.

The idea of such a discussion group is people sharing their ideas, others thinking that won't work because ... then examining the potential .

If someone creates a facebook group exploring the publication of promoting your pics and promoting Mount Pleasant that would tickle me.

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