Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sky Observers

Sky observers who live near Broad Street.

Capturing a sunrise behind Mount Pleasant can only be done a few weeks in the spring and fall.

I have made a couple tries but the clouds did not play nice
I have to drive to Lancaster, set up and wait.

I took a tripod and telephoto on Mt. Pleasant and scanned the sky here are some of the photos from Mt. P .

I saw some houses in a good path to view the sun and moon, relative to Mt. P. 
I thought living here, would be great to observe these events.

There are locations around the earth where photographers plan a year ahead for the sun to be in the perfect position to catch a shot.
Millions of apps like photopills are sold to photographers to plan their photo shoots.

One attempt
Another attempt 

Either the sun was not directly behind Mt. P. or the clouds got in the way.

It should look something like this

In addition to the sun relative to Mt. Pleasant, the moon also. I saw a photo of the moon rising behind (someone driving by in a car)

If you live with a clear view of Mt. P. (broad street direction) and might contribute you can join this facebook group and post photos when you spotted these sun/moon events.

When you join a group you can be swamped with stuff you don't wanna see. After joining click on the unfollow options and then you can post your info.

The moon and sun move pretty fast.. so record the time the photos are taken :)

My video of a sunset when a plane flew over the sun. I hope to make a complete video from sunrise, sunset and the moon behind or passing over Mt. P... 

There is a light pole in the parking lot that I set up in front of so it is not in the view. As the sun is coming up there were trucks and people walking by but I can fix that.
In front of the light pole is a prime location to mark the spot X

If they know what they are talking about, the sun and moon will be in the same positions on the same date and time the following year.. so this would be a guide for when to set up to take photos from the parking lot. (of course the sky condition is a factor)

There are thousands of photos and videos taken from the top of Mt. Pleasant but few great pics of Mt P from ground level.

This is Kookie's fb account (my pup)


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