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If I took your photo on Mount Pleasant


If you would like to have an enlargement of photos I have taken, copy those from a blog or I might have the original full resolution pics.

Dogs are welcome at this park.. kept on a leash and cleaned up after em . ( A dedicated park for dogs HERE )

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I usually just see people once or might later but forget em.
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The Gift of Art


In the days of film, most people took very few pics unless it was a special event. Now the flood of photos devaluates their worth.
Kind of like being where the streets are made of gold... If it was everywhere, it would have no value.
How many photos will you take in your life time. How many will remain on your device. You will post em in social media for a day and they will vanish from the world for most.

What is art?
a) It can be anything .. no matter what it looks like, people will buy it just because who created it. It can sell for hundreds, millions but if you took it any place where no one knew who made it, they would not give $10 for it .. it would be piled in a closet. 
You can see such things on the Antiques art show. People taking stuff to see if it is worth anything.
Art has nothing to do with the piece it's self but the status of who made it.

b) Art can be things we find beauty in .. images that stir emotions in us .. 

c) Art can be images of things we love.. people, places, animals ..

Looking on Amazon, people sell their photos or paintings for a few dollars to a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Nostalgia .. Watching a TV program, (American restoration) people pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have things with emotional connections .. restored.

Something about old or a emotional connection that brings great value to stuff :)

In 2010 I took up photography again. Mount Pleasant in Lancaster Ohio was where my photo safari captured the most images.
It was kind of like going to a movie but for a few minutes being able to interact with the players. It is a happy place of friends, families, pups and beautiful scenery... a place to get pets for your pup :)

Belonging to a could local FB groups, some of my photos are liked a lot. Of those who moved away from our turf, lots of them seem to really appreciate them ..
When I take pics of people I encourage them to copy them. Social media imagines are not great for enlargement, they are reduced in resolution.
Placed in their folders they will dissolve in a sea of pics.

Famous art.. prints
Once a piece of art becomes worth selling, they will make hundreds.. thousands of copies and sell the copies.

I have seen art exhibits being held at hotels... art you can buy for little or a great deal of money. Lots of that art may be of places you know nothing about. 

Selecting a place or thing you love to become your wall art work.
If you will put a good bit of money in the project, you would want it to be sharp and permanent 

If dust can land on it, the paint/ink can be scratched. 
* If it is printed on glass, it could break.  * Canvas, there are little lines ... * Metal ? * Vinyl ? Some of the media is super thin and would buckle if it were not mounted on a stiff backing.

How to create a durable master piece ... hmmmm I don't know how to do that.
Expensive prints 

From what I have looked at you can have enlargements made from $15 to about $150

If you have those who love our home turf, consider a gift of art.
If it will be a large print, you will need the original full resolution image.

Other than pics from Mt. P. lots of people like photos of the schools they went to.
What ever people love, a wall pic is a great idea I think.
A way to support your own home turf too :)

Type Enlargement

ChromaLuxe panels  infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheeting

Metal Prints do not need frames or matting 

All Metal Prints are not created Equal:

 The   InkDoodle.  Very thin metal, horrible ink to print application

My favorite  Metal Mouth Prints




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Live Video

Promoting business in Fairfield County
Chamber of Commerce 
Lancaster Festival
Visit Fairfield County

I assume these are organizations to promote businesses in our community.
I have seen live web cams on beaches, in hotels, in museums and in different locations in cities.
I am not sure how many people those Mt Pleasant lights bring to our community but have thought about placing a live webcam on top of them. One pointed toward Mt. Pleasant and the other pointed to the west.
When ever things get 'normal' it would show events going on at the fair grounds and would capture sunsets.
I would guess a local provider would donate the free streaming service.
Businesses downtown could put up their own cams.

On facebook we have an events section. Here could be a live webcam events page where people could see events going on in real time.
Football games, graduations, karaoke night, church services, parades.. this facebook events page would show people what is going on.
Earthcam is one example 
The expense of a webcam and internet service to a business owner would be nothing.. best advertisement in the world.

If you know any business owners, ask em what they think about the idea.
Now with the virus stuff going on people could get an idea what is going on in public places with the mask issue n such.

Here is one in Troy Ohio

They have them in zoos where you can pick a particular camera to see chosen critters.

Wineries, Rock Mill how many places can you think could use a cam to bring visitors?
The cost to each business.. the camera and internet connection .

Mount Pleasant, Rising Park, Lancaster Ohio, Photos, Maps


Outdoor Photography

Of all the stuff taught in schools never used, it would seem there would be a photography course.. seeing endless photos of blurred faces, poor color saturation, blurred faces .. ugh

School Event pics under the Gazebo 

Under a gazebo or any shelter that has a roof but open so light comes through

Overcast .. pics wont be too bad .. but

If it is bright out when people are under a roof, the light behind em can ruin your pics
Any time the light behind people is brighter than the light falling on their face they are back lit.

1  At Rising Park
I see Soooo many pics of couples taken here in bright sun and their features are obscured.
All dressed up an event that only takes place a few times in their lives.
All their friends n family rave how beautiful.. yeah because they are loved.

2  At Rising Park
Ah ha some one knew about the magic of fill in flash.
I don't know about new phone camera flash units but most are not powerful as a dedicated digital camera flash.
Fill in means it will flash every time regardless of how light or dark it is.
The closer to people the greater effect the flash will have so you might need to go for a waist up shot to move in close.
Afternoon the sun is toward the tennis court.
Glasses can cause a reflection but having people with glasses to shift their head around a bit changes the angle the flash hits and you will get some good shots with out a reflection

3  I don't know where these guys are, just a point about light
The kids in front are well lit, the roof is not putting their faces in the shade. In back the eyes can not be seen.. poor color saturation and detail

4  Don't know where this pic was taken but
Overcast and the kids came out from under the roof where the faces are well exposed.

Check the weather map
If you want to stand on top of Mt P with the city behind you, the best time is before 10 so you are not back lit or use fill in light

If the sun is not shinning through.. cloudy, you can get good pics on Mt P with Lancaster in the background

If you want to stand on Mt P with Lancaster in the background
*  Before 10 AM you are good
*  Midday the sun will cause harsh shadows, turn your back to the sun and have the photographer get close and use fill in flash

*  IF it is a bit warm out, the climb will make you a bit red and likely perspire. Walk up about an hour before and have a handkerchief to blot.

*  After noon back of peoples head toward the fairground, photograph on top with them, move in and use flash

*  After noon people facing the fairground, photographer with a powerful telephoto down on the fairgrounds shooting people on top.

*  Standing under trees, overcast is ok but if the sun is filtering through the trees there will be cobweb shadows on those you are taking pics of. Move em to solid shade.
When you take pics of groups in spotty shade some faces will be hard to see.

Maybe the photography club could create a short course of outdoor photography n students could do a short trip.
(Day selected by checking the weather forecast)


Gazebo pics

How pics have I seen of people getting pics under the gazebo where their faces are hidden in the shadow.

The lights on your camera phones are not very powerful so you have to be close. Go after the waist to the top of the head.
The light will bring out their eyes and give the face good color saturation

Just try it on a sunny day, put some pals under the gazebo while they r n the shade, move in close and take one pic with and one pic with out fill n flash .. digital camera or phone  

Almost any day of the year you can walk up n find couples, friends n families looking over our turf.
You can decrease the contrast a bit n make the sky orange but you must use flash
The effect that flash will have depends on distance. Move in and frame em from the waist up. Make sure the sun is peeking behind them.. they don't cover it. Move in and out a bit taking a couple shots. Pick the best n delete the rest :)  

Here I compared flash n no flash with these guys. When the light is brighter behind someone their face becomes kind of a silhouette.

These two pics were taken seconds apart. Flash makes the difference between muddy shots or great color saturation and sparkling eyes.
Think waist to the top of the head shot. You can adjust the effect of the flash by moving closer or further away.. with a new digital camera you can use your flash compensation.

Dealing with glare, sunglasses take em off, regular glasses have your person keep looking at the camera but moving their head up, down, right, left slightly n one of the pics should have no glare. 

You can get super nice shots from Mt P.

At fair time or after dark with the city lights, you can get great people pics, but you have to use your phone light or camera flash to make the magic work ...


They painted numbers on the post, this spot is at post 32.
Standing at this location is a rock a little higher then the rest.
Having your people just on the other side of the rail you will have a downward view ... great shot

If it is overcast, tilt the camera down to avoid the sky and use flash

Remove hats.. hoods n if it is a bit windy place any long hair persons so their hair is not flying in the faces of their pals.

Get em to remove any sun glasses, if they have regular glasses have em move their heads n slightly different directions while looking at the camera
.. and USE FLASH

Some like to walk out toward the edge but just let em duck under the rail so they are just on the other side. Some of em r like chipmunks sitting on the edge.. keep em close to the rail.

Standing on my favorite spot it was afternoon n I turned their faces from the sun. Because the light behind them was brighter than the light falling on their faces their faces would have been in a bit of a shadow.
Having them move close I turned the flash all the way up n produced great color saturation n made their eyes sparkle.

Your phones use LEDs (I guess) so it is a constant light. The closer any light flash/led is the greater the effect.
Light causes your eyes to close down a bit. If you are using a phone camera.. I guess it is not a flash.. so
But if you use a flash, it will do it's job before you have a chance to squint.

Glasses/reflective surfaces are a bit of a problem but you can get pretty good shots any way.

When people wear sun glasses ask em to put them on top of their head.
When you are at the park there will be other visitors near. Instead of trying to get a selfie with your pals, just ask someone to take.. 3 shots... one will be the best one :)

Airport Lancaster Ohio 


ANEMOMETER measures wind speed. The cups catch the 
wind, turning a dial attached to the instrument. The dial 
shows the wind speed. 

BAROMETER measures air pressure. It tells you whether or 
not the pressure is rising or falling. A rising barometer means 
sunny and dry conditions, while a falling barometer means 
stormy and wet conditions. 



COMPASS is a navigational instrument for finding 



HYGROMETER measures the water vapor content of air or 
the humidity. hygrometer WEATHER BALLOON measures 
weather conditions higher up in the atmosphere. weather-


PYRANOMETER for measuring solar radiation. 

RAIN GAUGE measures the amount of rain that has fallen 
over a specific time period. 

SLING PSYCHROMETER measures relative humidity, 
using the cooling effect of evaporation. Two thermometers 
are used in a sling psychrometer. Wet the cloth of one of the 
thermometers and swing the psychrometer around a few 
times. Water evaporates from the cloth, causing the 
temperatures on that thermometer to be lower than the other. 


THERMOMETER measures the air temperature. Most 
thermometers are closed glass tubes containing liquids such 
as alcohol or mercury. When air around the tube heats the 
liquid, the liquid expands and moves up the tube. A scale 
then shows what the actual temperature is. 


WEATHER MAPS indicate atmospheric conditions above a 
large portion of the Earth’s surface. Meteorologists use 
weather maps to forecast the weather. 

WEATHER SATELLITES are used to photograph and 
track large-scale air movements. Then meteorologists 
compile and analyze the data with the help of computers. 


WIND SOCK is a conical textile tube, which resembles a 
giant sock, designed to indicate wind direction and relative 
wind speed. 

WIND VANE is an instrument that determines the direction 
from which the wind is blowing.

So close a cool place to get pets for my Pup n pics on my photo safari's. As soon as I get home I share my photos on facebook.
Sony a65, 600mm Tamon and tripod (Oct 9, 2018)

There are dozens of Rising Park websites and facebook groups just like mine. My Google Map with a few of my favorites.

A few Others ... click on their photo links

Rising Park on Google Maps

Rising Park offical facebook page

Mt Pleasant in Rising Park

Rising Park Paper Mill

Rising Park ...

etc.. hundreds of sites just like mine and thousands upon thousands of photos just like mine on social media.
Such a great place to photograph n get pets for your pups :)

Photo Ephemers

Lancaster, Ohio

Photographers travel around the world and plan months ahead of time to capture special images that only happen at that place and that particular time.
Some times after great planning and expense the weather ruins it.
Seeing some of the great pics of FB pals, I am guessing they might be into capturing a sunrise coming up directly behind Mt. Pleasant.
To capture a sunrise you must be in a clearing with no obstetrical in front of the view.
The fairgrounds is perfect. My first two attempts were over by the fence (marked 1). Taking time lapse and video people walking in front and cars driving around added unwanted content.
Time lapse, you can pshop the stills but it is a lot of work.
I am guessing setting a tripod on the race track (yellow 2) on the inside rail so joggers would not get in the capture would work out.

There are a couple weeks in the spring to capture the sun coming up directly behind Mt. P. 

There is an app called photopills that some of you might know how to use but I don't have an internet camera so I use the desktop version
You might have an accurate prediction of the days and places to setup.

In October the sunrise will follow this path. Being retired I am always free (if I have the energy) but you guys are pups n have to work for a living.
An Intervalometer (for time lapse) can be bought for less than $50. Some cameras have them built in.

Places to set up a tripod where people n cars won't get in the view on the track inside next to the white rail.

There are sooooo many beautiful photos of sunsets but I have not seen any such sunrise images of the sun coming up behind Mt. P.
Maybe you live in a place where you can see the sunrise, you could hone your skills then if you get froggy take a shot of capturing a sunrise from the fairgrounds.

FB group for others who love Mt. Pleasant

Tragic loss

Local Girl Fall from the top of Mount Pleasant

This was the fifth rescue in four years, including people who fell and others who could not walk down themselves, according to city records.
The summit has a rail, but other areas do not; those include Devil’s Kitchen and other rock outcroppings.

Known as "The Mountain," the cliff is a popular attraction for those wanting to get a birds-eye view of Lancaster.

Lancaster Division of Fire officials said they have responded to at least 5 reported emergencies at the steep rock since 2008. The majority of the incidents involved minors.

The Lancaster Parks and Recreation Department did not respond to an inquiry regarding the possible installations of guardrails and/or safety signs.

Mount Pleasant is a Lancaster landmark, located in Rising Park and overlooking the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. It is a favorite of photographers, hikers and exercise buffs who enjoy huffing up and down the steep path leading to the summit.

It provides glorious views of the city below. Some people sit out on ledges, as Elizabeth and her friend did.

The summit has a rail but other areas do not, including Devil’s Kitchen and other rock outcroppings. Last year, firefighters used a ladder to rescue a young man who climbed up a rock outcropping and then was too scared to climb down, Assistant Chief Jack Mattlin said yesterday. "There’s no prohibited areas that I know of," he said. "People need to be responsible. It’s very sad that this little girl fell. It’s so rare that this happens."
On that day I was taking PuppyDog to the park and they had the road blocked off so I went over to the fair grounds and parked.
The news reporters said there were accidents there 5 times since 2008, I had been coming there for about 2 1/2 years after I lost my wife and I know of multiple times kids had busted their heads on the rocks, got stuck and they are always on the edge.

When there was a big commotion below with the firemen I took a picture of some guy standing out on the edge.. typical. 

Tuesday Oct 16, 2012

"The Mountain,"
Rising Park / Mount Pleasant, Lancaster Ohio

Oct 16, 2012,  6 p.m. Alysa Britt, 11, called 911 to report her friend Elizabeth Fuller, slipped and fell about 40' in the area of a spot called Devil's  Kitchen. Medics had a hard time locating Lizzy.


The police blocked the road, getting ready for the copter to fly in.




When I see kids on that spot on Mt. P.  I often tell them the story of the little girl lost . This Friday (2020 16th) will be the date.


She was  unresponsive and bleeding heavily from her head. Medics treated Lizzy before she was taken by Med Flight to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where her condition were unknown that night.

Lizzy never regained consciousness after the fall Tuesday night.


If you are on top after dark, instead of a "candle light service" maybe a phone light service with your friends for a couple minutes.


Drew  passed away Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at Nationwide at 10:33 p.m. Children's Hospital
The parents  made the heart-wrenching decision to take her off life-support at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Now I don't go much but make a special trip to drive by when I go to Lancaster to the WalMart. Mostly just drive over to the fairgrounds and use my super telephoto to take pics of the chipmunks.

I watched these two climb down to this ledge. I think it is the area where Drew fell.
I think she would have graduated in 2019. I imagined what the top of Mt P would look like if all the kids around here graduating that year.. if they all stood on top at 6:00 on Oct 16.


 Some people left flowers at the bottom of the trail n on top too.



Born  August 17, 2001 in Circleville and left it on Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012,  Lizzy / Drew Fuller

She hung out with her sister, friends n a puppy named Beasley. I thought it was a big German Shepherd and found it is a little puff ball.

A self-professed "Tomboy" had an adventurous nature and loved the outdoors. She enjoyed drawing, painting, making beaded jewelry, the Beatles and the group One Direction

She loved going to festivals and rode the Typhoon five times in a row last week at the Fairfield County Fair.

Drew participated in Relay for Life and Walk-a-Thons for different charities. . Drew was well-loved  and will be dearly missed by her many family and friends.

Just added the new pics below n looked at her mom's page with a new post... n see they still love the park . 


One of my friends said it is kind of a right of passage for local pups to walk to the top, sit on the edge n look over our city. This year (2016) someone else fell from the top.
Any decent day of the year you will see em standing n sitting up there.
When I go to town I take a loop out of my way to pass by.

Drew's school Ewing created a memorial but the school was demolished ..

Radio interview with Kelly April 2013  1    2 
Through out the park are memorials people put there.. flowers, trees, bricks .. with names on em and park benches. I thought it if a bench was put there for Drew... cept I would put one on top. People can sit on the ground or lean against the rail.. there is no bench there.
Instead of names, there could be a link to photos and bios 

 As I write this part, it is the anniversary. The idea has been spinning in my thoughts so I called and asked if a memorial bench could be placed on top.. I have to call back Tuesday

If it is allowed it costs $3000. I called the bank and the girl told me I could do a personal account thing where people could donate. I would have to open it for $300 (no problem)
Gofunding .. they take a cut of the contributions.. ugh
I am an old guy so might put the mom or sister on the account.
(Better yet I could give the family the $300 and they could do the project account in their names )
There might be some businesses to donate too.

Selling photos. Lots of people buy photos of beautiful places to put on their walls. 
Every once in a while I capture an iconic photo from the park.
I thought some people from our area might buy photos for gifts.
( cost to have them made + $$$ to go toward the bench cost)

What would go in the dedication caption.. guess the family could decide if they wanted anything 
Lost Puppies
A link to photos or a web page.

  Caught these two in a candid shot, Wondered if their mom would have seen em... but if from around her, she would have likely been up here too

Through facebook, I visit the family of the Pumpkin that fell. Didn't make it to LHS but her sister graduated ..

The last entry I will add to this page.. 2019 May after seeing prom pics pop up I thought of graduation and read some of the kid's chirping a couple days later it was so nice I took the big lens in to photograph from the fairgrounds.

I saw two kids one behind the rail and appeared to be talking to the other. (post 35)

I took 5 pics guessing they were talking about one of em going over to the edge and the other taking their pic.


Some Links
News clip

Lancaster girl injured in fall | The Columbus Dispatch

Some pics I had taken at the park in the last years

***                                           *

 Registry / Memorials

People have been placing memorials in Rising Park for years.
Has the park retained the records of markers and their location?

I have tried to get pics of everything that goes on the park. I and   many others walk by markers with out a thought about the people those names belong to.

There are lots of people here into geocaching.
Geocaching clubs plant objects and record the gps positions then others search to find them.

I thought mapping out markers would be a project local geo gamers could take on.

These mappers would record something like this:
Taking names from markers
Donald Duck 39.727784, -82.591614
Markers can just have the names but the web page of this person can have a complete biography

Google (and many others) have free blogs. A blog page is just like a web page.
The title of this page
Donald Duck 6/1/1943

I suppose in time there will be people with the same names have a marker placed and adding the birth dates would identify them.
I think some of the markers have the names of people still alive.
They want to support the park and have one of the memorials put there with their names.
Adding the birth day to the names in the subject line of the blog page would let anyone have a marker there.

i.e. going to (not an actual page)
There would be a search widget.
By typing in the name of who you were looking forward a list of all pages with that name would be displayed

When that page loaded it would have the person's name.
Photos of them, videos it could include a biography of them.

I think people place markers in the park because they want loved ones to be remembered. Some want to support the park too.
I guess it might be like an interactive museum that displays information when prompted.

Of course it would let the public to look up the names on the plaques of those who donated property, time and were involved in the promotion of the park through the years.

Photos of those people and little stories would do more for me than names alone.


Park Memorials.



Mount Pleasant, Rising Park, Lancaster Ohio, Photos, Maps