Sunday, December 18, 2022


  Lancaster Parks web is on their official site -> HERE 

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Can't find your pics? Do not message me in instragram (those go to message request that I don't check) On my latest instragram post, comment giving the date n discription.  instagram 

IF you r on Mt Pleasant during the eclipse, I might capture you in a fuzzy telephoto pic I will be taking from Forest Rose

Pics 2024

Planned this pic for months. Things dull with cloud cover n I waited 30 minutes for them to pass to capture this fall pic from Forest Rose.

Dogs are welcome at this park.. kept on a leash and cleaned up after em . 

After losing Kookie I am unlikely to make it to the top of Mt P often if any time at all. If you r looking for a pic I had taken, I will try to find it.. thanks to all u guys who wrestled with Kookie n endured being slimed . 😋

If you love Mt. P. too
You can join our park 
facebook group Here

Dont have an internet phone so usually get em posted by the next day, copy freely :)

I usually just see people once or might later but forget em.
If you use the tag #risingpark in any Instagram pics you post, I look there each day
Other pages on this blog --->

Who will share the dream of  an 
observation tower on Mt P HERE

Some other pics

Google Map (mine) 🐶📸  Mt P in Risingpark
Taking telephotos onis day, it was not till I got home and posted em, that I was told "That is Courtney" a girl I knew for years :)
(in back my photo assistant Kookie, a drone pic taken of us by Brian w Mickayla)

Points at Mt Pleasant


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