Sunday, December 18, 2022


All my pics are public domain

I set my tripod over on the end of the track and took bunches of pics of people on top. Not much detail but if u were here during the eclipse, You might be in some of them.
Above was where my tripod was below (yellow cap) is a picture I captured using time lapse.. 


 Mount Pleasant has been my santuary in my last years


  Until last sumer my pals were Saint Benards, this is Puparonia

  I take lots of pics and don't post them all cept if there is a group, with so many expressions, blinking n laughing, then I might do a few of that pose.

These pics and a few hundred more of people on mt p with a telephoto are here. If u were close to the edge,probablly got u  HERE

On this night I captured a video of a plane flying over the sun.

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