Sunday, December 18, 2022


 As family and friends grow up and move to many different places, coming back home and meeting up with their pals takes a bit of planning.

It is getting harder for me to do things, I thought of having one last pow wow.

If everyone meets the same place for a picnic you can all be at one spot on the same day. 

I have some who moved far away and will pay for their transportation if they get froggy.
They can meet up with their old school chums or what ever anytime or to pop up at the picnic.

One of my park friends reserved the shelter house from 4pm to 9pm on June 25th.

Through the last decade the people I have connected with are those I have taken pics of or those who made pals with my pups..

If they might want to have a pow wow with their own family n friends on that day, that would be great .. everyone bring their own stuff ..

If I am still froggy I will walk up the trail for the sunset. It would be fun if some of those I had taken pics of might be there 😋 

Croquet the game I played long ago, I bought a set not sure the rules but it has fond memories 

Probably won't need a shelter house but asked Doug to get one by the playground if possible so anyone with kids could hang out with em .

Typing this in January.. to give time for thoughts. I created this facebook page  where you can plan your own event, just post a pic and tag those you want to include.

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