Sunday, December 18, 2022


 Throuigh the years that I have sat on the bank watching tennis players, cars  driving by with their heads sticking out the window .. 
It is a place to hang out with family n pals or just to observe.

It is ok to go to car shows and look around what others have built but .. you are not involved in the doings just being a spectator. 

Wash em, polish em n make em stand out .. Glad it is gone but when I was a kid, guys tied squirrel tails to their antennas
Is cruising around in your car a sport.. Me thinking it is a social activity .. people of all ages like to cruse around n their ride.
The park it's self is not a place to have such event but to check out the interest of people with their rides.

Organizing Cruising on our home turf, some of my thoughts.


Cruising sounds

Riding around on the weekends and listening to the radio was cool when I was a pup. There were lots of songs about cars.

I like music from the generations that came after me but I don't remember many songs about drag racing .. cruising around with your pals.
What ever your generation .. if they were still riding around beeping their horns n surfing through drive ins, what songs would your pals be playing?

If you are from the Lancaster Ohio area, have pics of cool cars then or now that I can add to this page, 
I created this facebook for that

What to do when the sun goes down in Lancaster Ohio


When I was a pup I always wanted a roaster but only got to ride to the drive inns with pals, till I grew up (kinda) n bought something like it :)

In 2020 during the virus caper someone called for a cruse in and the parking lots were full of people hanging out like back in the day n I drove around with my pup taking pics 😋

Knowing the science of weekend cruising I did a quick paste up of a route 

Not just those with cool cars were in to it but all of them were part of the ride.
Guys n girls of all ages loved the ride then and now.

How to organize ... hmmm 
*  In your school fb groups

*  Make up some flyers to share at car shows (just here in Lancaster) . to people you will know and those working there

*  Going through the ride route stopping in food places.. I would bet they would go along and have cruse night specials.

*  Car parts places, cycle shops

* There is a new food place that opened up out by the Tractor Supply... Jimmy's Drive (now a truck) they might get into it.

* Mobile food stands, every once in a while I see them popping up in some space with good traffic. They might get in on the cruse nights, finding locations along with the cruse trail.

The red icons on the map are points of interest. To plot out a good map a ride through the route with a camera spotting places of interest where cars could stop and mingle or load up on food.

Some of the places along the route are parking lots to mingle .. places to get gas (those stations might put up flyers)

Me thinking what a fun thing to bring it back for all generations and the kids who only saw it in the movies.

Going to car shows n looking at fancy works of others.. take some pics with the cars, it is OK but hanging out on the streets n parking spots with others after dark.. that is the magic to capture.
Not just those with super cars but the average bears crusing through the streets ... all were parked in the hot spots on weekend nights.

I'll bet one of the radio stations would jump in and take the roll of wolf man jack.. well kind of  😋

I don't know who got the event started (the mayor?) but Kookie n me was just on the way to Walmart n I thought what great pics to capture. If you know any of these guys tell em where they can copy their pics :)

Weekend cruising in Lancaster Ohio 
A fun idea .. share the page if u wanna ..


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