Sunday, December 18, 2022

95 Photo spots


I started working on a map where I will put markers of places I have taken photos.
With that I will add some pics at those spots and comment with thoughts on how to get pics n what to avoid.

There is a legend on the left. The paw icons are my pics and links to others videos.

reverse?   39°43'30.9, -82°35'35.4

P001(-82.5937805 39.7262001),P001,WATER FOUNTAIN AT START
P002(-82.5938393 39.7261314),P002,
P003(-82.5934982 39.7258453),P003,
P004(-82.5931549 39.7252426),P004,
P005(-82.593071 39.7250633),P005,
P006(-82.5928345 39.724762),P006,
P007(-82.5930328 39.7247391),P007,
P008(-82.5935822 39.7246742),P008,
P009(-82.594017 39.7244644),P009,
P010(-82.5941189 39.7244436),P010,
P011(-82.5941913 39.7244271),P011,
P012(-82.5942383 39.7243881),P012,
P013F(-82.594309 39.7243996),P013,
P013F(-82.594899 39.724645),P013F,
P100(-82.5944366 39.7244797),P100,
P100B(-82.5945206 39.724453),P100B.,
P100C(-82.5945511 39.724453),P100C,
P101(-82.5943985 39.7245102),P101,FIRST POST
P102(-82.5944138 39.7245178),P102,
P103(-82.5944748 39.7245293),P103,
P104(-82.5945129 39.7245483),P104,
P105(-82.5945587 39.7245827),P105,
P106(-82.5945663 39.7245941),P106,NO POST
P107(-82.5945816 39.7246132),P107,
P108(-82.5946198 39.7246246),P108,BEAR CLAWS THE PERCH
P109(-82.5946426 39.7246399),P109,
P110(-82.5946664 39.7246582),P110,
P111(-82.5946808 39.7246819),P111,OVER HANG
P112(-82.5947189 39.7247086),P112,
P113(-82.5947342 39.7247391),P113,
P114(-82.5947723 39.7247696),P114,STEEL STAIRS BELOW
P114B(-82.5946533 39.7247994),P114B,
P115(-82.5947952 39.7247849),P115,
P116(-82.5948105 39.7248039),P116,
P116B(-82.5946613 39.724856),P116B,
P117(-82.5948334 39.724823),P117,
P118(-82.5948563 39.7248383),P118,
P119(-82.5948715 39.7248611),P119,
P120(-82.5948868 39.7248802),P120,
P121(-82.5949097 39.7248993),P121,
P122(-82.5949326 39.7249298),P122,
P123(-82.5949478 39.7249527),P123,
P124(-82.5949631 39.7249718),P124,
P125(-82.594986 39.7249908),P125,
P126(-82.5950012 39.7250099),P126,
P127(-82.5950241 39.7250252),P127,
P128(-82.5950394 39.7250481),P128,
P129(-82.5950699 39.7250748),P129,
P130(-82.5950851 39.7251053),P130,
P131(-82.5951309 39.7251472),P131,
P131B(-82.5949325 39.7252099),P131B
P132(-82.5951538 39.7251701),P132,HIGHER STEP
P133(-82.5951614 39.7252007),P133,
P134(-82.5951767 39.7252235),P134,
P135(-82.5951843 39.7252464),P135,
P135B(-82.5951285 39.7252486),P135b,
P135F(-82.5952438 39.7252449),P135F,
P136(-82.5951767 39.7252655),P136,
P137(-82.5951767 39.7252922),P137,
P138(-82.5951691 39.7253151),P138,
P139(-82.5951691 39.7253418),P139,
P140(-82.5951614 39.7253685),P140,
P141(-82.5951614 39.7253952),P141,
P142(-82.5951538 39.7254219),P142,
P143(-82.5951538 39.7254486),P143,
P144(-82.5951385 39.7254715),P144,
P145(-82.5951587 39.7254601),P145,FLAT BELOW THE LAST POST

You can contribute your thoughts if you have been one of the chipmunks or wanna ask something in this facebook group.

Map Tools

There is no need for any separate utility.
Google My Maps can read the metadata & place the photo at the correct spot.

Could you follow these steps?
  • Upload the pics to Google Photos into a new album. Verify whether the app displays the location in the photo.
  • Add a new layer to Google My Maps & import the album.

My Maps will position the pics correctly.


Merge layers
Go to first map and select "Add a New Layer" Go to the second map and in the top menu ( three dots) and choose Export to kml-->save the file to your computer. Go to first map, click into the new layer and choose Import--> import the kml file you previously saved. The two maps are combined.May 23, 2017 

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