Sunday, December 18, 2022


Projects ..

After there was just me n my pup, being alone outside of town I thought about taking up photography again. (I got that kick in boot camp where they had a dark room)
Since then I have taken pics of hundreds of total strangers and my pups jump up n down to ride in the back of the Jeep to the park, where they made lots of friends
Things getting hard for me but I planned one more special trip to take photos of a lot of people on Mt P with Kookie during the eclipse.. but 2023 was the end of that dream. I just went out taking few pics and uploading em so people could copy them.
In the spring of 2024 a perky visitor came up n listened to my jabber .. n I thought hmmm maybe I would do my map project  and create one more enlargement to give away.
In the past I never created an enlargment with people in it and never gave one away to someone I actually talked to .

After I lost Kookie I did have a -> 20x30 metal enlargement made of us.
There is no use of putting enlargements on my wall. No one ever comes, no one to see em.

This time  I thought to make an enlargement of the tooth fairy assistant and let her have it to put on her wal when she got a place of her own.

Mount Pleasant Map
I started working on a google map. The camera records the gps of the place you are standing. The problem with that is you can't get a good shot of a place when you are standing there.
Some of my photo albums give the number of times each are viewed. Pics of me n the pup in the place compared to pics of younger people... well the attraction to photos is a combination of the background n those in it.
In this map version, the 'model' would stand in the place capturing the gps while I stood at a distance taking photos of them doing different poses.
In the google map data base you can place a pin at a gps position then add pics of things related to that spot.
Started this one but by myself it was hard to be in two spots at a time

Google Map vs MyMap
My map is a creation of places you travel or special places you want to be in your personal map.

Google Maps, include landmarks, views from outerspace and businesses.
If you click on a google map and view pics many are from people who have visited and leave reviews.
Once you load the map and get to the photos. Each pic will include those who uploaded it.
In the case of the google rising park map you can click on
Hmmm if you click on by owner, you will see only photos I have taken.. "the owner not" I don't know how that happened?
I can sell products from the map, there is even a ticket for me to sell tickets .. A fun idea of me at the bottom of the trail selling people tickets to go on top of Mt Pleasant :)

I have spent hundreds of dollars, hours , days and getting up before sunrise to capture photos. I have never accepted a dime for any. People love this place and I have thought of having photos made into enlargements and selling em.
No business person, I couldn't manage a bubble gum machine I dont figure. 😋

I placed some of the pics in albums so others could copy them for pics Order 
 <> !Enlargments <>  Photos From Mt P are a fraction.
Copy freely.



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