Sunday, December 18, 2022


Those who have been on Mt Pleasant more than once might remember me. Like goundhog day, I return and repeat.. well as long as I can keep gone.


Individual and/or with pals. If a special pic is to be made, it could be a single person or/and with school pals, friends. The most I have taken pics of must have been over 100, one day when I showed up to take pics from the fairgrounds.

Your team, cheer leaders, a special group of pals that would be worth making a large photo. One large group I took pics of was a soccer team. Saw em coming up and just asked for pics as I do :)
I did a couple with the city in the background but losing detail I did a couple with the sun behind me.
I thought a group photo enlargment from a drone would make a great keeper. Diploma framed on the wall in your office or a pic of your gang on Mt Pleasant, which would people notice.

* Subjects going up first,Photos of you in different areas with my big telephoto from the ground.

There are a couple guys I see often. Two em on the balancing strap, one a nurse, other builds campers and Luke who rides his bike up the trail.

 Luke said he would could do drone pics on mt p. LUKE 

Like the areial images of Julie Andrews spining around in the sound of Music.

* A clip walking up the trail or just a still pic

* The 'models' going up ahead moving to different locations on Mt P, while I photograph them from the fairgrounds.

Not a lot of detail but pretty dramatic

When I make it to the top, pics in favorite spots are next.

At first the sun is too bright. There is no shade for people with their picnics. Info of when to time arriving at the top would be added.

A pic of someone looking into the sun squinting during the bright period then later when there is an orange glow with no squinting.

After it gets dark, the ground below can not be seen. The point of photographs in high places is to record that element.

If it is bright, photographer standing on the high rock at post 32, subjects just to the other side of the rail, using fill in flash.


Lense flare often happens. Fill in flash is needed at sunset.

The closer the flash the more powerful. If you are using an actual camera, there is a light intensity adjustment.

The close the flash the greater the effect. If too bright backup and zoom in. If people too dark, get closer and zoom out.


Many people start down when the sun sets but often there is a beautiful sky later at twlight. With the right amount of fill in flash.. avoiding the ground


No flash, when the light behind is brighter, this magic happens

City Lights

I wanted to get a pic of a girl sitting on her blanket after dark, but the flash bounced off the close surface and the ground below kind of vanished. Here a tripod was needed. I hope I get another chance to try :)

With the right amount of flash, model not near the rocks, pics should be kind of like this one.


Through the past years a trivial number had been offended when a complete stranger asked to take pics for them.. hmmm

When groups, families, pals were just soaking the time in and I asked to do pics, there have been a whole bunch of greatful replies and they left with a photo recording their pleasant memory.. pics they would not have had.

A guy taking pics of the girl, a candid from a distance then asked em if I could do a few for them. A college soccer team. I have a whole bunch of happy pics in the last years.

The idea here is if you spot someone you think might want pics together, it is kind of like a dance when you ask someone.. taking a chance.

Also to create a video of all the how to capture photos on Mount Pleasant. 

As for my photos, I take bunches and sometimes get lucky n capture keepers. Some might think I must be good because the big camera. Now phone cameras will do most of it. The only thing lacking is the power of the flash and people not knowing how to use the flash.


This is a snippet on creating a video on capturing photos on Mount Pleasent and ideas you might test out.

Capturing the sun set.. if the clouds are friendly.. a tripod is needed, time lapse is as good as video for the individual purpose.

The trick is waiting till the brightness goes down, placing the sun in the upper left of the screen that will end up in the lower right of the screen when it vanishes.

Things getting tougher now, making it to the top. I just thought it would be great to create a youtube video for chipmunks yet to come.

Everyone has their own. Among my favorite type pics

Little makeup is good.

When getting to the top of Mt P, people can be red and moist. Something to blot would be good Only thing I have is the cloth I used to wipe my saint benards slobber :)

Not anyone posing in a position to show their tattoos.

mirror to check your hair, does not have to be in place but not wild.

Blue jeans or shorts r ok but there is no changing rooms on mt p. You can decide what to wear.

Sun glasses to look to the west when the sun is still bright.

Cloudy, cold, rain, snow, hot, time of year, time of day.


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