Sunday, December 18, 2022


  Lancaster Parks web is on their official site -> HERE 

If I took your photo in Rising Park / Mount Pleasant it might take a day till I get them posted.  Latest pics Here

Dogs are welcome at this park.. kept on a leash and cleaned up after em . 

Google Map HERE  

If you love Mt. P. too
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Dont have an internet phone so usually get em posted by the next day, copy freely :)

I usually just see people once or might later but forget em.
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Who will share the dream of  an 
observation tower on Mt P HERE

Map managment just me
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Bikes workshop n stuff


Physical activity stuff is one of my likes.. 

I know others also love to share their interest n plan things. 

In years past the park used to have 'workshops' I thought I spotted some out at alley park. 

When spring approaches people get froggy to get out and do things.

 Many like me don't know much about bike parts, adjustments n such.
Fixing your bike at a shop could cost a bit  .. things u might be able to do with a few tools and instructions.

 If there were a bit of interest I bet the park would help you put on a bike course, safety, adjustments repairs. 

Some have bikes not working, maybe parents n kids ...

I didn't see any bicycle clubs in lancaster for the average bear I know some are hard core and plan events .

Here we have lots of paths for riding and places to ride .

Might you be interested in a bike workshop at one of our parks?
Might you be interested in organizing bike rides?

I added a facebook post, if you like the idea you can comment Here.

If enough response , it could happen 😋