Friday, March 25, 2022

Mt P Enlargements

Creating your own wall art,

Walmart glossy 8x12 photo  <> Walmart Frames, these frames look ok but might need a drop of glue in the corners to secure them Assembly instructions.

 I used the 12x18 size. Large enough .. there is one by Kookie on the wall.

It is not a size you can have done the same day. I had mine done at Walmart and I was able to walk in and pick up that size frame (in stock) 

Pics with frames cost me about $16 together the last time. 

Of course I have spent lots of trips and hours to capture and select ones that I would use. Other than the pics I dabbled with photoshop to make them unique.

Don't know how soon the rest will arrive but I added one of my old cards with my two pups on it, signed it on back and glued a bit of Kookie's fur. 

In the last years I have been on Mt. Pleasant with out a camera but have never been there with one of my photo assistant pups with me.

If I remember I will take some in town when I go to the park, if you want to create your own you can use my pshop images or I can look for the untouched originals. 
If I have taken your pic I might be able to find it. If you want to use mine, okey dokey 😋


Growing up there were some people I thought were cool.. football players, doctors n firemen I suppose. 
Ansel Adams n Norman Rockwell later.
The thought that pops up is Rockwell in front of a canvas painting pics of animals and people.
There are such 'artist' who have their subjects pose for a looooong time (trying not to move)
But Norman Rockwell used a camera, had a dark room and assistants to create his works.
From those photos he worked on much of the 'paintings' we see.

I have only had two photo assistants. They would wag their tails and introcuce me to visitors I could ask to photograph.
When I came home to my studio, my brushes consisted of digital imaging software.
As for the content of my images, Mount Pleasant is like that Rockwell used for his inspiration. Endearing scenes that pass quickly but are captured to be visited and shared again,

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