Friday, March 25, 2022


In the years I have made the trip I have seen lots of stuff. On one day I took the big telephoto in, the whole top was saturated with these guys. There were buses and cars loaded with them.

.. Thinking of some day each year locals would come n hang out with their pals.

If all the park visitors I have taken pics of were standing on top.. hmmm. 


Locals visit a lot but for those who have to drive a bit, it is not likely they will run into each other.

The thought being .. just wonder if a bunch of you came at the same time.. Kind of like a 'flash dance'.




Some might not be froggy n want to walk up the trail, but the park below is a great place for picnics, volley ball, croquet, softball .. 

If the clouds are being nice, you can capture a beautiful sunset.

Planning what you r gonna do in the future hmmm, you never know what you might be doing.

If you would like to have a reminder the week before you can join this facebook group.


Where are they now?
I see lots of pics of a group of friends in their school days with the thought it might be the last time they will ever be in one spot together.

Taking pics on Mt Pleasant a couple times I have seen a batch of old friends coming there to meet n thought, They r not likely to meet at school again, not all go to a religious place, not all go to bars.. but if they are in our area a lot of them have came to Mount Pleasant together... Kids from all the schools in the county and those next to us.

The week of the fair.. hmmm

I thought if they would make a goal to meet here on a certain day of the year (or a place they are attached to on their own turf) that would be plan for a reunion. 😋

Create a facebook pic and tag your gang, then a couple weeks before, write a comment in it about when it will be and those who r froggy might just show up.

From time to time, on a blue moon, I have met a group of pals who came to stand on this magic spot.


Invitation for your gang
to meet at Rising Park the 
third week end in June.

Click on the small icon below 

To share this invitation 😉

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