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IF you r on Mt Pleasant during the eclipse, I might capture you in a fuzzy telephoto pic I will be taking from Forest Rose

Pics 2024

Planned this pic for months. Things dull with cloud cover n I waited 30 minutes for them to pass to capture this fall pic from Forest Rose.

Dogs are welcome at this park.. kept on a leash and cleaned up after em . 

After losing Kookie I am unlikely to make it to the top of Mt P often if any time at all. If you r looking for a pic I had taken, I will try to find it.. thanks to all u guys who wrestled with Kookie n endured being slimed . πŸ˜‹

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Dont have an internet phone so usually get em posted by the next day, copy freely :)
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I usually just see people once or might later but forget em.
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Who will share the dream of  an 
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Some other pics

Google Map (mine) πŸΆπŸ“Έ  Mt P in Risingpark
Taking telephotos onis day, it was not till I got home and posted em, that I was told "That is Courtney" a girl I knew for years :)
(in back my photo assistant Kookie, a drone pic taken of us by Brian w Mickayla)

Points at Mt Pleasant



All my pics are public domain

I set my tripod over on the end of the track and took bunches of pics of people on top. Not much detail but if u were here during the eclipse, You might be in some of them.
Above was where my tripod was below (yellow cap) is a picture I captured using time lapse.. 


 Mount Pleasant has been my santuary in my last years


  Until last sumer my pals were Saint Benards, this is Puparonia

  I take lots of pics and don't post them all cept if there is a group, with so many expressions, blinking n laughing, then I might do a few of that pose.

These pics and a few hundred more of people on mt p with a telephoto are here. If u were close to the edge,probablly got u  HERE

On this night I captured a video of a plane flying over the sun.



I started working on a map where I will put markers of places I have taken photos.
With that I will add some pics at those spots and comment with thoughts on how to get pics n what to avoid.
anna ask something in this facebook group.

Bikes workshop n stuff

Bike Shop at Rising Park πŸ˜‰ 

When I was a kid they sent park teachers out with sporting equipment and crafts to teach skills.

 Many like me don't know much about bike parts, adjustments n such.
Fixing your bike at a shop could cost a bit  .. things u might be able to do with a few tools and instructions.

I wonder if  the park would help you put on a bike course, safety, adjustments repairs. 

Some have bikes not working, maybe parents n kids and other bike riders would benefit from a class?

Who might be interested in a bike workshop at Rising Park?

I have looked at one group "" They have different things people are interested in and bring them together in activities.
I suppose there are lots of people who would like to do things but not by themselves.

Bike riding is fun but not just alone, some one could  organize bike rides along the bike path?

If enough response , it could happen πŸ˜‹

Friday, March 25, 2022


Mount Pleasant n the rules.. hmmm
This is not just for Lancaster. In the years I have been on top I have met people from every part of the county, surround counties and other states πŸ‘€ Those connected to Mt Pleasant.

After another kid fell from Mt Pleasant, I saw em promoting keep on the trail, don't go beyond the rail.

I have seen pics of people sitting on the edge since the park began and have taken many myself.

If they r gonna do that the rail might have a chain link fence attached to it. NOT that it will prevent anyone from crossing it, but be kind of a speed bump.
Now, are they going to close off the bottom? People will be climbing all over the rocks as long as it is an adventure.
We just hear about those who fall from the top mostly, but if anyone would look at the emergency/fire runs to Mt P for injured people, you would get the scoop

There needs to be a rail for people to lean on and be steady. The rail in the rock can last a while if fixed but wobbles with people leaning on it.
A foot n chain link fence ..

When they were putting up the poles, me n Kookie went over to inspect to make sure they were doing it right .. knowing they would not bring any attraction, but if those poles had cameras on top for show n tell on the inter, I figure it would.

Spectrum .. some local internet company might donate the network service. 


Instead of out on the cliff, behind the fence.. maybe 
But if two  live cameras were mounted on the light post, one could point to the west and people could watch the sunsets from the Mount Pleasant view and through the seasons it would show the many colors of Mt P

With the camera in place, people standing on top could click in and take selfies of themselves standing on Mt Pleasant.
Maybe one a local radio station could use the live feed when events took place.
People could click in and see things going on at the fairgrounds.

Being part of a school alumni group, I notice how those who moved away chirp in when someone post pics of Mt Pleasant.
They could take virtual visits to the fair or with old friends who make it up the trail for special occasions.

Could even add a speaker and music or happenings could be broadcast over it.. or the all seeing eye could yell at people beyond the rail.. like life guards.

I must have taken a couple hundred pics of the chipmunks climbing or sitting on the edge.. the same over a century,

I came over to the fairgrounds to take pics of people taking part of the partial eclipse.
This time it is a full eclipse and will be packed.

I had big hopes to be here in April 2024 for the big event, last in my life time hoping to be with my pup.
I don't go out like I used to ... running out of gumption but I bought a camera for that purpose if I learn to use it.
Doesnt matter if the clouds cover the event, it will be a big deal and the earth will become dark.
It will be a fun and exciting event so get your glasses ahead of time. Last time I couldn't find any and Kbear just happened to bring a pair to town.
Will the fire depart n emergency guys be ready.. hmm well my post is for the chipmunks on Mt P..

Mt P Enlargements

Creating your own wall art,

Walmart glossy 8x12 photo  <> Walmart Frames, these frames look ok but might need a drop of glue in the corners to secure them Assembly instructions.

 I used the 12x18 size. Large enough .. there is one by Kookie on the wall.

It is not a size you can have done the same day. I had mine done at Walmart and I was able to walk in and pick up that size frame (in stock) 

Pics with frames cost me about $16 together the last time. 

Of course I have spent lots of trips and hours to capture and select ones that I would use. Other than the pics I dabbled with photoshop to make them unique.

Don't know how soon the rest will arrive but I added one of my old cards with my two pups on it, signed it on back and glued a bit of Kookie's fur. 

In the last years I have been on Mt. Pleasant with out a camera but have never been there with one of my photo assistant pups with me.

If I remember I will take some in town when I go to the park, if you want to create your own you can use my pshop images or I can look for the untouched originals. 
If I have taken your pic I might be able to find it. If you want to use mine, okey dokey πŸ˜‹


Growing up there were some people I thought were cool.. football players, doctors n firemen I suppose. 
Ansel Adams n Norman Rockwell later.
The thought that pops up is Rockwell in front of a canvas painting pics of animals and people.
There are such 'artist' who have their subjects pose for a looooong time (trying not to move)
But Norman Rockwell used a camera, had a dark room and assistants to create his works.
From those photos he worked on much of the 'paintings' we see.

I have only had two photo assistants. They would wag their tails and introcuce me to visitors I could ask to photograph.
When I came home to my studio, my brushes consisted of digital imaging software.
As for the content of my images, Mount Pleasant is like that Rockwell used for his inspiration. Endearing scenes that pass quickly but are captured to be visited and shared again,


In the years I have made the trip I have seen lots of stuff. On one day I took the big telephoto in, the whole top was saturated with these guys. There were buses and cars loaded with them.

.. Thinking of some day each year locals would come n hang out with their pals.

If all the park visitors I have taken pics of were standing on top.. hmmm. 


Locals visit a lot but for those who have to drive a bit, it is not likely they will run into each other.

The thought being .. just wonder if a bunch of you came at the same time.. Kind of like a 'flash dance'.




Some might not be froggy n want to walk up the trail, but the park below is a great place for picnics, volley ball, croquet, softball .. 

If the clouds are being nice, you can capture a beautiful sunset.

Planning what you r gonna do in the future hmmm, you never know what you might be doing.

If you would like to have a reminder the week before you can join this facebook group.


Where are they now?
I see lots of pics of a group of friends in their school days with the thought it might be the last time they will ever be in one spot together.

Taking pics on Mt Pleasant a couple times I have seen a batch of old friends coming there to meet n thought, They r not likely to meet at school again, not all go to a religious place, not all go to bars.. but if they are in our area a lot of them have came to Mount Pleasant together... Kids from all the schools in the county and those next to us.

The week of the fair.. hmmm

I thought if they would make a goal to meet here on a certain day of the year (or a place they are attached to on their own turf) that would be plan for a reunion. πŸ˜‹

Create a facebook pic and tag your gang, then a couple weeks before, write a comment in it about when it will be and those who r froggy might just show up.

From time to time, on a blue moon, I have met a group of pals who came to stand on this magic spot.


Invitation for your gang
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third week end in June.

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