Saturday, March 17, 2018

Moon over Mount Pleasant

 A question for your science or astronomy teacher

In the last years I have tried to photograph Mount Pleasant through out the seasons.

I have captured some great sunsets from the top and not so good photos of the sun rising behind Mount Pleasant

I saw a snap shot someone took of the moon over Mount Pleasant while driving down Broad Street.

There must be several days a year when you can stand in the fairgrounds parking lot (by Broad Street) and view the moon passing over the top of Mount Pleasant

Standing here

Fairgrounds parking lot

39.725986495904706, -82.60309285477342

Looking 'east' to

39.7250788081665, -82.5950354988868

Mount Pleasant

The object is capturing the moon coming up directly behind Mount Pleasant from the place you are standing. In the fairground parking lot this only takes place a couple times a year.
Three tries, once it did not come out, the second time big dark clouds came over just as it was rising and this time (2021) I thought perfect but it was so bright the camera flare .. ugh.

I can capture great sunsets.. but I think to get a sunrise the sky must have a thin layer of clouds over it.. maybe try next year 😉

Another location might be on the hill at Forest Rose if you could get in there after dark

I am guessing there is  software or a chart that predicts such things

I would like to stand in the parking lot and capture the moon moving over top of the mountain

Is there any days of the year when the moon takes that path and if so what time  would the moon  be visible in that path

the tripod would be by Broad Street or at Forest Rose.

Just pretend like you were planning to photograph the moon moving over Mt P, what day and time would you set up your tripod?
Not ready to read


Photo pills Moon

There are so many beautiful things to photograph outside the earth and there are things on earth that are to be photographed.

Things on earth to be photographed with the moon in the background (Mount Pleasant in Rising Park)

Load Google Earth,-82.59859387,257.05829813a,999.7007584d,35y,359.99999999h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCXVPyqH82kNAEYdbdONF2UNAGU9313LOpVTAIYEgkTsAp1TA 

* Click on 2D

You need to know the height of this thing 
*  When it loads move the cursor over Mount Pleasant until you see the highest number there (bottom right) 333
* Drag the little man to Broad Street and move the map around

You need to find a place to view the thing to be photographed with out any obstructions. (Fairgrounds parking lot by Broad Street)
* Drag the little man over to Broad Street to get the street view.
* Move the map around to look toward Mount Pleasant.
Note from the parking lot there is nothing to obstruct the view of Mt Pleasant

*  On Photopills press on an area near Broad Street and the red pin will move there.

You need to know the elevation of the place the tripod will set
*  Move the cursor over near Broad Street and keep track of the elevation (lower right) 255

Icons bright = on, dim = off

* Click on planner
* At the top swipe to see them then reset all icons to make them dim -

 Only the red pin is visible on the map

* Click on the load button at the bottom 
[Search address]

*  Type Rising Park
*  When you see one In Lancaster Ohio, poke it

Bottom of the screen
* Click Load

* Begin to type rising park and when you see the one in Lancaster Ohio, poke it.


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