Saturday, March 17, 2018

Live Video

Promoting business in Fairfield County
Chamber of Commerce 
Lancaster Festival
Visit Fairfield County

I assume these are organizations to promote businesses in our community.
I have seen live web cams on beaches, in hotels, in museums and in different locations in cities.
I am not sure how many people those Mt Pleasant lights bring to our community but have thought about placing a live webcam on top of them. One pointed toward Mt. Pleasant and the other pointed to the west.
When ever things get 'normal' it would show events going on at the fair grounds and would capture sunsets.
I would guess a local provider would donate the free streaming service.
Businesses downtown could put up their own cams.

On facebook we have an events section. Here could be a live webcam events page where people could see events going on in real time.
Football games, graduations, karaoke night, church services, parades.. this facebook events page would show people what is going on.
Earthcam is one example 
The expense of a webcam and internet service to a business owner would be nothing.. best advertisement in the world.

If you know any business owners, ask em what they think about the idea.
Now with the virus stuff going on people could get an idea what is going on in public places with the mask issue n such.

Here is one in Troy Ohio

They have them in zoos where you can pick a particular camera to see chosen critters.

Wineries, Rock Mill how many places can you think could use a cam to bring visitors?
The cost to each business.. the camera and internet connection .

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