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Lighting Mt P

Much to do about nothing :)

I must b a swami.. just as I said, they would make a big event of the lighting then after that no one would pay any attention to it.
They had the lights on tonight and no one was in the fairgrounds or along the street looking at the lit face from mt p.

The early pics they took must have been enhanced because it was very dull from the fairgrounds (two people were visible on top)
Believe no one. Some night there are no events going on and the lights are on, stand over in the corner of the fairgrounds and take your own pic.
The only thing different in appearance is at night it is sandwiched between the darker background. The rock surface is the same.

Seeing the comments that it is beautiful .. appealing, attractive...

Pic that I took above

The people saying it is beautiful remind me of the story of the emperor's magic clothes.. jumping on the band wagon, pretending to see what does not exist in their own minds

Things people find with such qualities are attracted to ... drawn to it. of the thousands who clamored for it, none were there June 14th.

As I said light has a very rapid fall off at distance, I drove over to the other side of the fairgrounds and there was not enough light for the camera to focus, drove over to the dairy queen down the street and it would not even appear in my viewfinder

I drove around and could hardly find a place where it was visible..
No one looking at the face of mt p from the ground but when I walked up there were 27 people on top in about an hours time.
I took their pics from the fairgrounds and with their camera I took pics for 3 people.. pals

Didn't get up in time to catch the sunset but did capture the orange sky using a 600mm tele.

NO ONE was standing on the ground gazing at Mt P, no one was on the ground socializing with pals, but everyone who came to Mt P, were gathered ON TOP.. One of the shots:
Others not visible were in hammocks back in the tree line.


My conclusions after the lights were erected and turned on before I saw them myself. :

December 2018, the lights arrived and are erected

The lights are not colored as rumors stated, I guess they would be like those in a ball field.

The initial setup was not paid for by the tax payers. How long that could last in the future?

The lights will not bother wild life. There are birds and critters all over the city. If you have a yard .. if you have a big night light they are living all around you.
If there were any animals that sleep at night, those spotlights will prevent that, but they will just move to a different area.

In bug season in the day time you will splatter some, but after dark driving with your headlights on the front of your car and windshield are plastered with the suckers. Just my guess but what do you figure those spotlights will do to stir up the infestation of misquotes, moths, ticks .. bugs :)

What % of the population will the lights be visible to.
If you live right on Columbus or Fair in these areas it will be visible, but if you live one street behind Columbus or Fair, the houses in front will block the view for most. The red area is the no see lighted rocks.

 This a city map of Lancaster, the red x is close to the spot where the face is lit. The lights will not be visible to 95% of the city population?
Where ever you live if you can not see Mt P in broad daylight, these lights will not be visible to you after dark.

 One of the two lights they will use to light up the face of Mt P.'

I took the pic from the ground side because it was afternoon and if you shoot into the sun, sun flare bad pic

When I got on top the lights were backlit by the sunset so.. didn't fool with em.. stayed there a bit and when I got down to the truck a car load of couples got out and had blankets with em.
If you studied a bit of photography or art there needs to be highlights, mid tones and shadows. These lights are positioned so it is flat lighting.. not creative lighting.

Lighting a  big event? It was a staged gathering promoted by politicians, published in newspapers and those who jumped on board. We will see what % of the population drives over to the fairground when there is no media blitz. 

With no politicians involved, with out any promotion ... people just deciding to walk up the trail to stand on top with their pals: 
On decent nights of the year people just walk up the trail for the sunset and some linger to gaze over our turf with the city lights.
When there is no promotion by those involved and the lights are turned, then you might make note of how many people go over the fairgrounds to look at the lighted rocks :)

First photos at the time they did the official lighting. Either the photos where pshopped or they had other lights at the fairground. It looks nothing like this in the pics I took and there was NO one looking at the face when lit in when I took my photos.

In this particular photo the foreground is lit by lights from the fairgrounds, not the light on the poles.. the building n fence the sidewalk... so this is not what it would look like alone... guessing it was enhanced with photoshop. If I see it is gonna happen, I will drive around town and do pics of what it looks like.
(Top pic when I finally took it)

On nice nights I lingered a few minutes after the sun went down with a big orange sky and see the pups just coming up with their blankets to sit on and sometimes bring food.. just to sit there and gaze over the city lights.
If anyone makes it to the top when those lights are blasting, they will be like a deer looking into headlight.

Here is what they would see with out the lights blasting

Guess they even used fireworks to bring attention to it but I did not know about it till 3 weeks later when I searched Google to see if there was any new info.. then I posted it on facebook and no one knew about them lighting it till I posted it :)

If they continue to use fireworks, how many do you figure will be stopped from coming up on top or will be ran off ?

It is against the law to burn outside from 6 at night till 6 in the morning because of potential fires.
Fireworks embers can exceed 1200 degrees and here they are putting them off over old dry rotten wood and dry leaves at mt p.
What they write on Google
Fireworks by the numbers. Fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 16,900 outside and other fires

Had a spotter on Broad St.. closes as you can get to a birds eye view and they didn't even notice the lights.

Guess the only people who will notice are people at the fairgrounds for someother event, maybe cars passing by .. only for a few seconds between trees and people who live on two streets  with their house facing Mt P :)

"Oh it is beautiful" The only way anyone will see it as in these photos, is to make a special trip to sit or stand in the fairgrounds.

Guess you could bring lawn chairs and sit there n look at the lighted rocks  :)

I don't think the caper will do any thing to draw attention to Lancaster. Unless they read about it in the paper or on social media, people will be oblivious to it's existence :)
What % of people will be able to see the face when it is lit up?
* Walk out of your house in the daytime and look that direction. If you can not see it in the day time, you can not see it after dark.

*  When it is lit up, get someone to jump in the car with you and drive around and note how many places you can or can not see it.

Pics of Mt P from the fairgrounds, Pics from the top of Mt P and pics inside the park. Thousands of pics are taken in the park just like any other park. Opinion: people do NOT travel to Lancaster from other counties, states or countries to do normal park things.


It is NOT the face of Mt. P that draws people from our county, other counties or states. Hills here are just as high. The only thing that makes this one different is that erosion has exposed the rock face.
Who takes pics of the face of Mt P, some like me or if they are in the fairgrounds for something else, they capture the face and there are lots of beautiful photos.

The draw that brings people to Mt P to take photos, is the view they see from sitting or standing on top. My opinion? I have viewed multiple other sites of rising park. Here is an Instagram link. How many say look at us with Mt in the background.. How many say look at us on top of Mt P taking pics :)

Last month I walked up with Kookie because it was a sunny day.. leaning on the rail, I saw a woman coming up alone.. she walked over toward the edge, took a selfie with the city in the background, turned around and walked back down.
"Here I am on Mt P "

The only encounter with Mt P that many have had was to drive by it or see it from pics others took.

When people go to the fair in the fall, Mt P is right there in all of its splendid fall colors, but thousands do not pay any attention to it... "So beautiful" and yet they do not take photographs of it... :)
The next time you go to the fair look to find how many families, friends are standing looking toward the face of Mt P for 5, 10 minutes or an hour ... then look on top of Mt P and make note if there are any sitting/standing there soaking in that view :)

Though I have seen a few thousand pics of Mt. P, my own are the only ones that used Mt P as a backdrop
... with a couple people I knew and just a couple walking by asking em to do their pic. Depth of field is the task, keeping people and the background in focus.
When people think something is beautiful or iconic they will take endless photos of themselves with it in the background.
If you thought Mt P is so beautiful, where are your photos like this before March 2019?

If you are inspired to take such a photo wait till near sunset on a clear day. Mt P will have an orange glow. Use the camera light and the smallest f stop.

For many I figure like the old grandstand people are oblivious to it until it became the topic of conversation then they jumped on the interest boat.

IF you are one of those who made a trip for the view
* How much time have you spent in the fairgrounds looking at Mt P and taking pics of  it from the ground.

*  How much time have spent on top viewing, taking photos?
What is the visual draw that brings visitors to Mt. P.

Just something cool about being on top. They purpose here, they bring a lunch here n the last couple years they have bringing hammocks to hang on trees. They come with their babies and pups .. it is this view from the top of Mt P and nothing else that is the magnet to this park.

Kids young and old come here to stand on Mt P to look over the turf below.

Friends come and they come alone

 The come with their pups and their best sidekicks
 They come from out of state and different countries, by the thousands they come to stand on top of Mt P.. year after year.

In the years I have returned to take photos I have never seen anyone coming from any where to stand at the fairgrounds and look at the face of Mt P.


What did they have in mind in the first place? The only thing I can think is they thought it would create status for Lancaster?

... The thought of a woman I saw at Utica Park when I was a pup. Viola couldn't ride a bike, but she bought a new English bike and taped dollar bills to the spokes and walked around pushing it.  Something that can't be used.. look at us, aint we cool :) ... hmmm

In a facebook thread if they do not delete it, you can read through what people were saying after it was lit HERE.
Checking back in June at the bottom of the thread it states "some comments may have been filtered out" Like mine :)
If the mayor thread is still copy that pic and drive over to the fairground when no events are going on, take your own pic and look at the lighting.

Though I live on top of a hill I can not watch a sunset or a sunrise because of the trees.. winter here, invisible when there are leaves.

Because of the erosion, the face of Mt. P. has a clear view of the horizon and this brings people up the trail to watch the sunsets.
I usually just took stills but one night when something was going on with me, I figured I would capture one cool sunset video.
Capturing a plane flying over the sun just before it set.

It is magic to watch people watching the sunset and hearing their chatter.
 The cover pic.. later that summer, taken when the eclipse took place.

The building of a live webcam on top of Mt P would bring interactive park visitors from near and far, and allow people to share the view at home or where ever they were.

The daydream is HERE

No reason to read on, just leaving my original words, so not to be a revisionist of the initial beliefs.
Some of it was wrong, but I nailed some of it.

The summer of 2018 my only knowledge was what fb people wrote and then my conclusions

I never knew anything about it until after everything was said and done. I began with my thoughts from my hearsay info. Leaving my original post so there is no squirming or revising of things I wrote.
At the bottom I make my conclusion after it was up and working.

I update this page
when I find out new info

Though it is the "Lancaster City Park" in reality people from every high school in the county, families from every township and people from every county around come here to stand and look over our turf. 

How many photos of people standing on Mount Pleasant on facebook, twitter, Instagram. 
A magic place that has brought generation after generation here for over a century.

I thought lighting Mt P was fake news someone started and was having a fun time with. I didn't pay any attention until I looked and saw it in the local newspaper :(

Here is a petition to nip the lighting idea in the bud (not mine, I have other counter arguments).
You don't have to still live here to get involved. If you have family n friends here, just share the link below.
When the lit rock face is first finished, it will be a novelty for a short time then be common ... Like an elephant in the room but they can never stop paying for it.

A background in photography will give you an idea of what happens with light.
Either projected or reflected light has a dramatic fall off.
Take 4 people out in the yard at dark, space them 10' apart and take a flash pic of them.
No matter how bright the lights are a few blocks away.. the light will diminish in intensity according to the inverse square law.

But the light seen will not be projected, the light from the face of Mt P will be reflected from a jagged dull surface losing most of the intensity. If  standing on top looking toward the lights ouch but light reflected from a couple thousand feet away..

I guess they could hire a spotlight to sit at the fairgrounds for a night and tell people to look toward Mt P :)

Colored light will still be much dimmer than clear light.

Standing on Mt. P. during the day you would just see the two telephone poles (wood or metal ?) and the battery of lights.
The prime time to get cool sunset pics is just a bit before it sinks
The lights would be below the skyline but if on they would give your camera lens flare.

Ball stadiums are pretty well lit so the effect of spotlights are not a big factor but if you were standing in the dark with bright lights pointed in your direction.. Bottom car headlights

The lights to be mounted on two 60 ft poles behind the superintendents house.

The light people see will not be projected but reflected.
It will not be laser lights but normal lights that means the intensity will fall off at a high rate.. become dimmer with distance.
The lighted area would only be visible at night.

Creative lighting needs a smooth reflective surface but the face of Mt P is broken edges and a drab color.

It will only be visible to a small area of the population
Those living a street over from Fair can not see it unless they have a window above the other houses
You couldn't see it from Memorial Drive. Can't see it in the park. At a distance on the west side the face is visible
The streets highlighted in blue are the only "close" areas where the face can see unobstructed.
Have you ever driven around to see Christmas lights.. wonder if people had them on every day of the year.

Anyone who comes to see the lighted rocks are more likely to come just because of it being in the media.. We drove 20 miles to come to look at colored rocks after dark .. hmmm :)

"An anonymous party wants to pay for the lighting"
Hmmmm, would it be someone like a real estate company who thinks it would serve as a bill board bringing them business?
Maybe doesn't want angry people to know who they are?
What is secret why the "generous" Santa wants to be unknown?
"Next to see if a group of private citizens can raise funds to meet our parameters"
Not sure who the 'donor' or private citizens might be but I suppose it being something the city government is involved in, anyone who wanted to know could find out through the freedom of information act..  

"$40,000 for the project, plus another $20,000 escrow fund ..."

Face it, how many local people or people from out of town are going to come to drive by to look at lighted rocks.
Will it bring any thing to our economy, will it entertain any amount of people?

Can you imagine people saying lets take a ride and look at the colored rocks. If they did, where would they have to go?

Drive around town on different streets looking at the direction of Mt P and look to see if you can see the rock face :)

Notice how when you are walking down a sidewalk at night and oncoming car's headlights approach. Things in back of the lights become invisible.
If you have ever stood on Mt P after dark, imagine what your view of the city would be like with colored spot lights pointed at your eyes .

Mistake .. they will not use taxes. It seems to be coming from donations and people are shoving their idea on the community .. like it or not.

Why would "public reps"  permit something  the community   will not benefit from but will offend many?

The board distances themselves from  Mr big pockets and a group of citizens who are doing this.. The board has nothing to do with it?

* Who is directly responsible for giving the permission to plant 60' poles with spot lights for years to come?

* When it begins to happen will no park employee be involved after that or will paid??? park employees continue to be involved from now on?

* Is the signature of any park/city employees on the contract with those who will preform the work.

*  Who is business deal between.. signatures on the contracts:
a) The contractors and the contributor/group of citizens
b) The contractors and the park employees

Kick backs? No, guessing they just got pulled into something silly, with good intentions :)
Tax dollars or gold from leprechauns, where ever the money will come from, you know
a)  Those who contract the job are going to make a big pile of money.
b)  It is the park pals who are directly responsible for them getting that contract.

c)  Were open bids published for others to bid on the job?

Now that they made their commitment there is no backing out to save face so they will push hard to get it done.. thinking all done now too bad.
I think this is just a splinter that will fester and grow in to on going contempt... 

What ever happens, it should be the community, not a committee of a few paid employees that should decide. 
Maybe members of the Rising Family should have a say in the matter... 

They made a commitment they will not have the lights on during migrating season.
They care about wild life.. birds so they won't have the lights on during migration ..

*  Migrating birds are diurnal which means they are active during daylight and rest at dark.
They wouldn't turn the lights on till dark so the birds would be nesting in the trees till daylight.
Maybe these boys know about some migrating night flying bird I have never heard of :)
*  Aren't their cities with bright lights? During migration do they end up with a bunch of dead birds?
Their not turning the lights on because of birds... nothing but a crock .

When I first saw the post about lighting Mount Pleasant, I didn't pay any attention.. thinking it was fake news.

"Public servants"  seem to do exactly what THEY WANT" in spite of the will of the community.

Guess people can be docile and remain silent or use their own imagination. 

.. "The parameters are basically non-negotiable.
The board reserves the right to establish additional parameters if it needs to"
So after they get past the first maze THE BOARD has the right to make up anything they want.

I don't usually sign petitions .. not knowing if it is a trick but when I saw this one, I read what those who signed it were saying.. and know a few of them.

A much better idea that would bring visitors to Lancaster and share the view of Mount Pleasant to people anywhere would be a live web cam.

No matter what projects some want to happen, there will always be opposition. Things seem great at first but the negative comes out. Both sides might read the arguments of the opposite side and then decide again.
Kind of like a tattoo, once it is done, you r stuck with it 


zzzzzzzzzzz END zzzzzzzzzzzz

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