Friday, December 18, 2015

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If I have taken your pic I will paste it on my facebook page. You don't need to add me as a friend. I just talk about my Pup, photoshop, photography n Jeep.
Copy any pics freely :)

Most recent pics from the park HERE

Here are ALL the pics I have taken at Rising Park, when I post them they are added to the bottom n u have to scroll down.

Rising Park / Mount Pleasant 

When I was a kid I loved the park... maybe except the time my aunt took me there on the handle bar and flopped.. busting my nose.

We had a park teacher who came with lots of games and crafts.. Fun, fun in the sun.

On Fridays they would bring a projector to the park and show a movie with cartoons.
Our moms would make popcorn and we would take Kool Aid or pop.. Friday night movie at Utica park.

Lots of coed games, bounce in and bounce out.. Croquet (which I played with my own kids).
My wife bought a nice set but I forget how to play. I thought about taking it to Rising Park and seeing if I could trick some kids into playing.. but haven't figured out how to do it yet.

When I was a junior in high school a super cute park teacher came (they were college kids) and I think all the guys in the park had a thing for her.. and I was sure no exception.

She had a steady boyfriend ... poor guy, must have drove him bonkers (even though we never had a chance)
She is one of the super cute girls who was funny and had a good heart. A girl I still have fond memories of after all these years.

Summers at the park vanished when I had out of school and kids started to get married.. and yet in the fall some of us returned to play touch football.

When I got my own kids I visited the park a few times. They had hand rings where you swung from one to another. My little girl (must have been 5 or 6) put her arms around my neck and we swung through the jungle.

As life moved on, (married and very happy) I became a hermit. Never went further than the mail box. I was content. My life revolved around one girl.

The day I lost my wife, I stopped at the East Main Speedway to gas up to go to Columbus to take care of the bill. A girl came out and give the pup lots of pets. I really became attached to three of them. Seeing them made me feel everything was gonna be OK
, but I can't keep driving around the block buying gas.. Now (2013) there is only one of them left.

Living alone outside of town, I never saw another human unless I went in town and bought stuff in stores.

For a few seconds I got to talk to the person at the register.. do you want your milk in a bag.. No, that was pretty well it, so I thought about the park.. PuppyDog got lots of pets and I took hundreds of photos of strangers.

I never asked any ones name but some people asked my name, so I asked theirs. Other than that some of em added me to their facebook pages after they downloaded pics I took of em.

Some of my victims have had kids n some times I see them in a store or at a gas pump.

After a while some of the park dwellers started malicious gossip about the guy going around taking pics.. Duh yes I took pics of an 8 week old baby to an 80 year old woman.
No one I took pics of was harmed and of course I was engaging in my constitutional rights.
The content of my pics no different than what you might find in a Norman Rockwell painting. I hoped to capture happy pics and many people come n remind me that I took their pics.. some have them on their phones.

I don't like to get drunk, I can get in trouble all by myself with nothing but the best intentions.
Don't fish, hunt, bowl or go to Sunday School

Every pal I had growing up  is dead now.. just me n the pup.
On Facebook, I do send friend request to every suggestion of anyone in the county... thinking if I am taking pics on Mt P, someone might know me :)
Any pics I have taken at the park is on my web pages. I usually take 2 or 3 and delete all but the best one.

Last year they let people on Mt. P. during the fireworks. If you come around sunset, know how to put a regular digital camera on fill flash.. with the sun setting behind you, have someone move in close.. 4' or 5' and take multiple pics. Don't do the one arm photos.. ask someone to take your pics of you IF you do not come with friends. 

When the fireworks start.. the same but use slow flash sync.. with the fireworks behind you your face will be seen and the sparkley lights :)

Be careful.. kind of looks to me like the face of the cliff is crumbling .. don't wanna play Humpty Dumpty.

I had great plans of building a web site about the park, but the well made plans of mice n men ...

Now alone with my Pup most of my human contact is on FB, but I have to be careful.. would you believe a fb friend would 'unfriend' you for messaging em :)

Me n my wife around 1985, I wish some would have been there to take our pic together.. back n the dark ages before selfies.

A sunset video I captured on Mt P with a plane flying over the sun just b4 it set.

PuppyDog was the best doggy I ever had. I could just turn her lose n she would make friends

When I knew PuppyDog had a short time, I got Kookie to rescue me and a monster she is.

Hocking Hills music slide show <-- Music Slide show of Hocking Hills (20 minutes). 

 When we began our photo adventures PuppyDog was fine. She would pull on her leash n wag her tail n people wanted to give her pets n it gave me a chance to ask em if I could take their photos. She has been a great photo assistant.. pets for PuppyDog n pics
 for me. After she began limping n the vet told me she had a bad med problem, I bought the biggest Radio Flyer.. but it was too little.. The story of Penni's Tee Shirt award here .
Kookie is my new sidekick, she is the Pup to rescue me after I lost PuppyDog


Wedding Photography

When ever I see a wedding in a public place, I love to get candid shots. I have taken some pretty cool pics and handed someone my site so they could download em.

If you are around Fairfield County I think the shelter houses are still free at Rising Park (how many of us have not hung out there)
Hocking Hills, I think the shelter houses are $50, easy compared to some big rental place and a beautiful place to have a wedding and capture great photos.

Shared Blogs
Now almost everyone has a camera and at weddings there must be hundreds of pics taken. Some may be better than those captured by a photographer. Facial expressions change in a flash.. but the bride n groom may not get to see them to select their photos fr
How to allow guest to share photos they have captured.
#1 Set up a free gmail account.
#2 Create a free Google Blog
#3 Assign an e-mail address that can post pics to that blog.
#4 Put forwarding on the created gmail account so mail sent to that e-mail address will be sent to the blog.

Through out the wedding any guest taking pics and sending to that e-mail account, their comments and photos will be posted to the blog immediately.
It takes about an hour to setup, but guest can contribute their pics to that album freely and their e-mail address will not appear on the blog.
Rehearsal pics, why not include them .. any pre wedding pics.
All the photos or any part of them can be downloaded to their hard drive.
If it is not in an area like some places at Hocking Hills, where a phone signal does not come in, any one who could not make the wedding could be (in effect) watching the wedding as it took place. 


The first photos I took were the structures at Rising Park

PuppyDogPark .. Rising Park

Want some pics n your arm is not long enough to keep from cutting your heads off :)

Family pics, friends getting engaged?
If you see me taking photos at Hocking Hills n would like some photos of your group taken.
If you r gonna ask a girl to marry you n wanna get some pics, let me know.
I charge nothing, photography is my passion.
If you want me to meet you at a public outdoor place near Lancaster, I exercise in the mornings so it would need to be between about 2:00 pm and an hour before dark on a week end.

Even if you don't want any pics n you see me, make sure to pet my Puppy :)

I suppose I got my start in photography before most of you were born. While in basic training in Fort Jackson.. they had a darkroom to entertain the boys. (I think 1964)

Through the years I must have spent thousands of dollars.. making a few bucks but spending 20 times more. It was great fun. It is still inside of me, just don't have a lot of people to share it with. :(

PHOTOS: In my photo taking adventures, I took multiple shots and deleted all of em but the one I liked best. I posted them to face book when I came home at night.. BUT they were only a fraction of the photos I took. 
When ever I saw someone taking photos of their pals or families, I asked em if they all wanted to be in the shot and I would take it for them.. so there are hundreds more photos I took on someone else's cameras, that I never saw. It made my day to think someone might share those photos. A couple times while surfing facebook I have seen some of my pictures being used in people's profile pics :)

PHOTOSHOP: Now I don't go to town often to take pics but I doodle with photoshop for hours. I like people in my pics. The purpose of art/photography to me is having images people will share and revisit again and again, that is why I like people n my photo
I post em in private so they can look at the pic first. A few have went bonkers n unfriened me.. ouchy :) but some of them like my 'art' n tag their self n em.

As a park, there are thousands just like Rising Park. The ONLY thing that makes it unique is the view from the top of Mt P. My main interest is photography, pups, the draw that brings people to stand on our perch ... by endless thousands.

Cluckers would have the Google Map yanked claiming it contains fake Info HERE

A last thought about the park, I used to see bricks with people's names in them and trees with markers having people's names. I guess they are memorials. I don't know what the park allows but I thought it would be nice if people went together and put a bench out there around the gazebo for one special little person.

Some repeats just pasting this here.. before the clock winds down..


Not about the park, just some other stuff about me that is here n a couple other tidbits