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The Gift of Art

Finding pics I have taken

If this info does not do the job, give me the info of when I took the pic, what it looks like and an email where I can send it to you.

Some images uploaded to social media are reduced in resolution but still make good 8x10s or 11x14s
The best resolution I know of are the pics I upload to Google blogs

I placed a few of my favorite shots in an enlargement album if anyone wants to copy them HERE  . If you love Mt Pleasant too or think a photo would be a nice gift for someone you can copy and have a pic printed. 
I got lucky and captured a beautiful pic of a guy n his girlfriend and he asked if he could get it. I noticed the flash gave the girl red eye and Kookie (my dog) left slobber on the guy's shirt. I did an easy fix on it first.

I have had 5 printed into 20x24 metal prints and one printed into an acrylic block. I was going to leave it at the park. I wish I used a different pic, it turned out so great.
If you have a desk to place it on, soooo nice :)

On social media you will post lots of great pics for a while and later they will be replaced not to be viewed again.
Every once in a while splurge and have a great one printed .

I had some badges made for friends I made on Mt. P.  (people who loved my pup) but thought I might buy a badge making machine and then I could place photos of those I took pics of here... instead of my Pup 😋

Thoughts about photos.

Talking to a guy who came from the shop to pick up my Jeep he was telling about his event and the amount $$$ they charged him for photos... yikes
Of course I charge nothing, this is my hobby and only time I come in contact with people... n get pics for my pup.

Thinking what is the difference in the pics I take and others?
I guess the answer is why is a Dandelion a weed and not a flower. I guess because dandelions r free 😏

In the days of film, most people took very few pics unless it was a special event. Now the flood of photos devaluates their worth.
Kind of like being where the streets are made of gold... If it was everywhere, it would have no value.
How many photos will you take in your life time. How many will remain on your device. You will post em in social media for a day and they will vanish from the world for most.

What is art?
a) It can be anything .. no matter what it looks like, people will buy it just because who created it. It can sell for hundreds, millions but if you took it any place where no one knew who made it, they would not give $10 for it .. it would be piled in a closet. 
You can see such things on the Antiques art show. People taking stuff to see if it is worth anything.
Art has nothing to do with the piece it's self but the status of who made it.

b) Art can be things we find beauty in .. images that stir emotions in us .. 

c) Art can be images of things we love.. people, places, animals ..

Looking on Amazon, people sell their photos or paintings for a few dollars to a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Nostalgia .. Watching a TV program, (American restoration) people pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have things with emotional connections .. restored.

Something about old or a emotional connection that brings great value to stuff :)

In 2010 I took up photography again. Mount Pleasant in Lancaster Ohio was where my photo safari captured the most images.
It was kind of like going to a movie but for a few minutes being able to interact with the players. It is a happy place of friends, families, pups and beautiful scenery... a place to get pets for your pup :)

Belonging to a could local FB groups, some of my photos are liked a lot. Of those who moved away from our turf, lots of them seem to really appreciate them ..
When I take pics of people I encourage them to copy them. Social media imagines are not great for enlargement, they are reduced in resolution.
Placed in their folders they will dissolve in a sea of pics.

Famous art.. prints
Once a piece of art becomes worth selling, they will make hundreds.. thousands of copies and sell the copies.

I have seen art exhibits being held at hotels... art you can buy for little or a great deal of money. Lots of that art may be of places you know nothing about. 

Selecting a place or thing you love to become your wall art work.
If you will put a good bit of money in the project, you would want it to be sharp and permanent 

If dust can land on it, the paint/ink can be scratched. 
* If it is printed on glass, it could break.  * Canvas, there are little lines ... * Metal ? * Vinyl ? Some of the media is super thin and would buckle if it were not mounted on a stiff backing.

How to create a durable master piece ... hmmmm I don't know how to do that.
Expensive prints 

From what I have looked at you can have enlargements made from $15 to about $150

If you have those who love our home turf, consider a gift of art.
If it will be a large print, you will need the original full resolution image.

Other than pics from Mt. P. lots of people like photos of the schools they went to.
What ever people love, a wall pic is a great idea I think.
A way to support your own home turf too :)

Type Enlargement

ChromaLuxe panels  infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheeting

Metal Prints do not need frames or matting 

All Metal Prints are not created Equal:

 The   InkDoodle.  Very thin metal, horrible ink to print application

My favorite  Metal Mouth Prints




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