Sunday, December 18, 2022


 After being alone with my pup I got the idea to take up photography again n get pets for my pup. Hocking Hills but Rising Park was the closest.

In the last years I have found lots of people love Mount Pleasant for different reasons.

At one time the .com domain was highly valued. I wanted to get the domain but it was already taken (some wine company got that one 😏) but I got lucky and got the domain.

Now it cost less than $20 a year to maintain. Paid up to 2025 and in June I will make it 2035 (you can only get em in a span of 10 years) .

I link the domain to google blog pages. This is one of them and they are free.

The parks is a combination of all of em. As parks go Rising Park is great but it is Mount Pleasant that makes it unique. I have met people here from lots of counties, states n foreign countries.

If there were a mountain range it would not be what it is but here we are king of the Mountain.

I make lots of mistakes and some of my thoughts about tracking the sun n moon need to be updated. The personal things I might have included in these pages would be removed.
This Rising Park website being about photography, observations of those who stand on top n gaze over our turf, singles hoping to meet someone, people n pups, families, people who come here when they are going through tough times, engagements, mountain climbers, friend ships .. what kind of observation pop up about what is dancing in the heads of those who come.
Last night there was a giant bunch who came up with balloons n I asked to take a pic of the whole bunch together. With that many I knew some faces would be missing so I got em to bob around a bit thinking some faces would appear that was missing.
Didn't ask em but figure it was a gathering for one who had passed.

For Falkor, that is Kookie n me, we are coming to the end of our chapter but .. 
I imagined there being kind of a Mount Pleasant group to maintain the site and contribute . Happenings here is a never ending story.
I have a poor memory of those I meet but see their photos and things they are in, Just saw Dave Woltz having his article in "2023 activities & programs" 
This web has a page for his article if he is froggy 😊

I am guessing some of your parents or grandparents have been here and may have photos to share ?
Need to stop goofing , I will come back later.

PP2  P3 

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