Saturday, March 17, 2018

Photography Club

In Fairfield County, a photography club exists on facebook. They do lots of beautiful photos and exhibit their work in art shows.

We have lots of high schools that have art and photography courses... thinking what if they were invited to form or be part of that club.

The idea all these local schools merging together.. FFA, Rotary, Rotc ... schools have all kind of clubs, but just having schools doing it on their own .. kind of OK but if all the county art/photography teachers got involved.. then I think something would really happen. 

Not all kids have 'regular cameras' to use ... not all kids have musical instruments to play, but there is an interest in photography.

Those I knew who practiced for several years and played in the band... hmmmm not many still do, but photography is a bit different.

I don't have a phone camera, but I'll bet there are tricks to using those that might be beneficial to them.

On different occasions, they put em on a bus and drive a couple hours for some school event. It wouldn't take much for the photography classes around the county to drive to any location in here to meet. 

The eclipse will be here in 2024 and it will be a BIG thing. Students this year (2022) will be gone but they will have that knowledge with them.

From my experiences, kids (most people) like to gather with those who share the same interest.

I guess someone could discuss the thoughts on the club. Think about it a bit and create your presentation then contact the art/photography teachers in the different schools.

Schools might not have the equipment and knowledge to do everything but adults in the club who are experts on different topics, might be invited to share their expertise on topics.
( When I was in school, we had an assembly n they had a guy who whistled .. pretty good )
If there is a dark area close, you might take a group out and help them set up their cameras to shoot the stars.

If you are near Lancaster Ohio, you can join the club.

While you.. guys who have had the Mount Pleasant Photography Club for some years, know the steps to create images for presentation.. I figure there would be others who love to enter an photo... there could be a course on that.

I guess many people see brand names and use that as the reason they buy a camera.
As a group you could create a 'buying guide' explaining what features are on cameras comparing them

NEW camera ugh
I figure people are impressed with brand names and buy expensive cameras .. never knowing what gadgets do what.
You might have brand name, courses each year in January (after lots of people get cameras)
I watch youtube videos and there is bunches of #$%^, you could actually create video clips for different settings. NOT put them in a looooooong video but short clips to do specific tasks. 

When the kids have some school event, get all dressed up and stand under the gazebo.. ugh how many can not be seen because they are back lit. 

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