Saturday, March 17, 2018

High School Groups

When kids graduate some join social media groups for their class. As years go on they become fewer and others will join.
The Alumni group consolidates all classes.

Reasons why some do not join :
Being joined to other groups and being spammed with so much stuff..
The trick here is to join a group, turn off all notifications and unfollow it. That way you can look when ever and chime in if you want. In Facebook, the search utility is very useful.

Some people do not know about the existence of such groups.
In life people like to look back on things and wonder what happened to those they connected with.
Who ever is involved in an alumni group, might post in the group classes of xxxx.

Other than social media groups they could organize it a bit.

I goof off with domains and websites. As I type this you can register a domain for less than $20 a year.

Good domain names are hard to get because people already register them.

I saw someone has hats and shirts .. things that identify them as being a member of that school. I thought of things for a different group and thought badges would not cost that much .

When I thought about our school.. now different schools a pic of the school would not work, but we all identify with the Gales Mascot and I figured the background is iconic to those on our turf.

The reason to create some kind of organization.. the domain could be passed on for generations.
This is just my over night concept of a badge, you have bunches of talented pups.

When you buy a lot of badges with the same graphics they cost less.
If you wanted individual badges, you would need a badge making machine. Instead of the pic in the middle it could be your favorite pic.
Keeping the outer info but your pic. The outer ring would have your web address. Should be short and easy to remember.

When you went to events, I figure more people would notice your badge than a tattoo and the web address would link to your association.

The alumni big pow wow. I just thought the eclipse of 2024 might be a reason to plan a return to our home turf from the wayward grads who have scattered all over the place.

I do not know what they call these facebook "frames" or how to make them, just added one in 2020. 
Instead of 2020 you might create one .. some thing like
LHS Alumni join us
Your group name. (for your fb account)

I ordered my badges from Amazon... took a looooooong time.

Even if you don't come from the eclipse (that might be taken by the clouds) setting a date to come back home.. 

Popular domain names can cost $$$ I looked at, only $5000 ... ugh Kind of long too.
You can register a shorter one for less than $20 a year and keep it as long as you keep it each year.

Shirts, patches, badges... hmmm
Shirts hats n clothes a bit more $$$ 
I looked at patches and they do not have great detail and cost as much as badges... more. Have to be glued or sewed to clothes.

Badges give sharp detail and can be pinned to any hat, shirt or coat you happen to be wearing.

All people won't agree on the design.. hmmm who could imagine that 😉
If they were gone to order them, there is a price for so many badges. Everyone would not need to have the same design.. just a number who wanted the same design.
Kind of like watching the fans at an Ohio State football game.. a bunch of different hats, shirts with a common thread saying, we are here, we are together we are from...

With a badge making machine you could all have individual pics but keeping the thread... we are LHS Gales..
Didn't take time to do these examples but...

Could be a couple of long time friends who went to high school together.

Could be a senior pic or one in a cap n gown
The thing that tied you all together.. saying we are LHS Gales is the outer ring, with that identification and the domain name that would allow anyone find your group with a few button clicks on their phone.

The picture could be in a letter jacket, band, what ever they were into in school.

Some still go to ball games, maybe the fair. In any event where you might cross LHS grads.. the badge would be there to see.

To make your own badges, the machine is one thing but you would need to size them before cutting em out and some who were froggy enough to stamp them out.

The association would kind of like "friends of the park" not managed by any single person but like a frat house/sorority where students even after leaving, remains connected to it. I figure there were some lawyers who r LHS grads to ask. No $$$ cost involved :)

The domain would be registered to that alumni group.
Playing on the internet for years, the way I set up my pages:
I buy the domain, then direct traffic to blog pages like this one that are FREE.

The alumni staff would decide the content of those pages  (your "school newspaper" )
No doubt, I have made grammar or spelling mistakes here. On your pages you would have your proof readers.

After you establish a location for your organization, you can have it placed on Google Maps.

One of my maps HERE <> one of my webs HERE

What good are maps... it helps people find you and if you post interesting photos, it will attract bunches of visitors to your web page.
(Last month the map got 18 visitors to the website and 19 people asked directions how to get there).

The goal...  Kind of a home coming for those scattered about through the years with friends n families.
To collect and share memories we are fond of ... What reason would others have .. hmmm 


Mount Pleasant, Rising Park, Lancaster Ohio, Photos, Maps


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